Condition Monitoring & Tracking solution allows companies to remotely monitor and manage machines through an online portal.

Condition Monitoring & Tracking

Cloud of Things platform for Internet of things

  • End-to-end solution: Hardware, connectivity, data services for analysis
  • T-Systems as strategic partner for a holistic digitization strategy
  • Flexible pricing model: Pay as you grow
  • Scalability: Simple development of specific use cases based on IoT data
  • Cloud of Things platform as IoT data hub
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Condition Monitoring & Tracking for almost every use case

Hardly any company keeps all its machines, systems, devices and objects in one location – they often are geographically dispersed or even in motion. This results in critical challenges such as lack of existing access to data showing the current condition of machines, devices, objects or infrastructures. Stops and breakdowns often occur as a consequence, in turn leading to expensive manual processes for maintenance, configuration and Firmware management of dispersed objects and systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers completely new possibilities, such as Condition Monitoring & Tracking, an IoT solution by T-Systems.

IoT-solution for all industries

Condition Monitoring & Tracking is a solution package, which can be customized to almost every use case: from concerns tracking of transport goods, filling of tanks and silos over measuring temperature of compressors and cooling systems to monitoring machines and systems. The Machine-to-Machine (M2M) hardware – the gateway – is installed in the monitoring object and continuously provides position and condition data, error reports and alarms. A web-based dashboard visualizes data and enables near real-time monitoring.
Building on Condition Monitoring & Tracking is our solution package for Predictive Maintenance. It uses the condition monitoring data to allow for an estimation of when a component is likely to break and so enable an exchange in due time. Downtimes can be reduced to a minimum or even completely avoided if maintenance takes place while the object is not in use.

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How can my company benefit from Condition Monitoring & Tracking?

  • Easily extendable by new use cases
  • Improved competition position through a new service level as well as service and business innovations
  • Opening new revenue streams
  • Rapid market launch
  • No installation effort
  • Cloud service: pay as you grow
  • Low and transparent operating costs
  • Reduced OPEX costs
  • Optimized service processes
  • Improved process efficiency and service figures during low budget times
  • Cost savings through low device loss (theft, searching for devices)
  • Connect machines and devices: containers, tanks, vehicles, production machines and much more
  • Optimize business processes
  • Manage and monitor machines more efficiently
  • Optimize maintenance
  • Reduce machine downtime by updating operational settings from a distance
  • Secure data communication protects machines against unauthorized access
  • Central web access on real-time data of all machine functions and the whole equipment via web browser
  • Scalable – from small to large numbers of devices
  • Further applications (examples):
    - Transport monitoring (e.g. container, boxes, transport vehicles, medication transports),
    - Monitoring of catering and mobile sales (e.g. take aways, refrigerated vehicles, beverage vehicles, booths, coffee roller, kiosk),
    - Monitoring of construction machines/vehicles (e.g. construction machine protection)

Application examples

Almost real-time information about position and condition of containers: unauthorized opening of containers can be identified; broken cold chains and damaged goods can be noticed, missing devices can be located.
Monitoring of supply chains
Supply Chain Optimization
Maintenance windows can be efficiently planned, break downs can be avoided and set-up times can be minimized on the basis of the collected real-time data of the Product machines‘ condition.
Object monitoring on construction sites
Objektüberwachung auf Baustellen
Distribution and position of mobile devices can be looked up at any time. This lowers theft quotas, stolen devices can be located and data will be directly transmitted to authorities and insurances.

Technical specifications

  • Flexible sensor solutions for self-sufficient data collection
  • Sensors collect, transfer and store (centrally) the following data points of the object’s condition:
    - Tracking/movement (GPS and geofencing)
    - Impact/fall (3D acceleration sensor)
    - Moisture
    - Temperature
    - Closure/opening (doors, windows, boxes… )
  • Magnetic sensor for theft protection and magnetic swift action
  • Visualization of data and definition of threshold value and alarms
  • Software update and configuration setting from a distance
  • Protection against unauthorized access through secure data communication
  • GSM-Quadband with a welded MFF-SIM for optimal connection
  • Low-Power Bluetooth connection of the sensor logger for energy saving and wireless connection of up to 200 additional sensors and gateway up to a distance of 30 meters
  • Charging process:
    - Induction version: wireless charging via inductive charging process according to QI-standard and IP 69K housing seal (suitable for external use)
    - Power supply via connector: wired charging and application for constant operation (expected. IP67)

Reduce efforts for inspection and maintenance

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Condition Monitoring & Tracking offers services and solutions for the management and monitoring of originally non digital connected objects like containers, machines, compressors, generators, systems, cooling machines, tanks, silos, vehicles, lines and many others.

Condition Monitoring & Tracking: an IoT solution

Condition Monitoring & Tracking by Deutsche Telekom is an IoT solution package which is suitable for almost every use case of every industry. The package contains an IoT Gateway (hardware), connectivity via Telekom’s networks and cloud platform „Cloud of Things“. Machine sensors or system components enable it to record comprehensive condition data, to store them centrally and to derive necessary actions. This provides data for supporting inspections and maintenance, to lower the effort. 
The Gateways help Condition Monitoring & Tracking to transmit relevant object data to the cloud platform via mobile communications or WLAN. The data enable producer, operator and service-provider to be promptly and transparently in the loop of the object’s condition and position. The dashboard of the Condition-Monitoring-solution outlines the devices and their most important key performance indicators (KPIs). Initial setups or necessary adaptations for the dashboard can be easily done by a graphic toolbox. It also provides a quick view on incoming alarm signals. 
The dashboard also contains a map which shows all connected things. Measured values like temperature or energy consumption can be tracked almost in real-time. The system gives alarm in case of undesired occasions, e.g. if a container is opened by an unauthorized person. Furthermore, remote access enables users to monitor and configure machines and devices as well as to update internal softwares centrally. The Benefit: Condition Monitoring & Tracking helps companies to reduce machine downtimes and to prevent theft.

Next step: Predictive Maintenance

Deeper analyses of data allow statements about disruptions and failures and to go preventively into action: the next step of Condition Monitoring & Tracking is Predictive Maintenance. The data of Condition Monitoring help to estimate exactly when a component probably breaks, thereby enabling a timely exchange. This ensures that processes and workflows run smoothly, and downtimes can be minimized or even completely avoided.

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