Foundation of “Zero Outage Industry Standard” association

Zero Outage Industry Standard

Greater quality in ICT thanks to Zero Outage Industry Standard

Foundation of “Zero Outage Industry Standard” association

With the Zero Outage Industry Standard, we define consistent quality criteria for IT platforms, personnel, processes and security.

  • Minimize disruptions
  • Increase availability
  • Ensure security
  • Work cost-effectively
  • Minimize business impact

T-Systems and partners found “Zero Outage Industry Standard” association

For years, T-Systems has advocated an industry-wide Zero Outage Industry Standard to achieve a consistent level of quality for ICT systems. A company’s IT infrastructure usually consists of components from multiple vendors which causes many points of friction. Therefore everyone should have the same concept of quality. Only then business-critical disruptions and security problems can be avoided.

Enable quality in ICT by means of standardization

A consistent standard of quality throughout the industry creates the basis for a secure and successful digitization of the entire industry. It ensures that the downtime of ICT systems is minimized. In turn, this results in reliable business operations of companies. Therefore, on the initiative of T-Systems, the IT companies Brocade, Cisco, Dell EMC, Hitachi Data Systems, Juniper, NetApp, SAP and Suse have now joined forces and have founded the “Zero Outage Industry Standard” association.  The strategy is unique: Hardware and software vendors, Internet providers and service integrators work closely together as partners in order to develop an industry-wide best practice approach that is to be implemented by the companies in question. This ensures a stable and secure IT.
Together with all partners, T-Systems has staged workshops to define consistent quality criteria relating to personnel, processes, platforms and IT security.
  • Platforms
    Coordinated release management, robust test cycles, robust construction of technical components and design
  • Processes
    Agreed cross-vendor processes as part of incident, change and problem management
  • Personnel
    Consistent training and certification of employees
  • IT security
    Common understanding of security, incident prevention, safeguarding of complex production environments, protection against attacks and outages
T-Systems has initiated the association in order to be able to offer its customers an ecosystem for quality solutions and to have a partner on board for each important ICT component. Only then can companies minimize disruptions, increase availability, ensure security and work cost-effectively.

Enhancing the customer experience is the common goal

Once the framework of the Zero Outage Industry Standard has been defined, it will be available to all companies. The joint work of the partners in the “Zero Outage Industry Standard” association has already begun. However, companies interested in collaborating are always welcome. The common goal is to enhance the customer experience by minimizing downtime and to increase security and stability of IT with the aid of a zero outage framework whose standards everyone is committed to uphold.

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