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Managed Azure Hosting Service

Managed Azure Hosting Service

  • MAHS has been created to give Shell additional level of enterprise ready service which supersedes the “standard” Azure Services provided by Microsoft
  • T-Systems provide products with pre-configured services reducing efforts for customer
  • Managed Base Service focuses on patching and security to adhere to customer organization standards
  • MAHS serves as One single point of responsibility for Service management across all suppliers
  • T-Systems provide financial management including local-2-local billing and pay-per-use structure
  • MAHS also enables us to offer "Self Managed" or "Fully Managed" services
Information on the company
Under MAHS, Shell receives a 'base' service to enable access to the Azure platform i.e providing the Shell customer with a "subscription“. In practice this provides access to an Azure “Resource Group” in the Portal, in which an application can be created/deployed by 'ordering/initiating' resources like VM's or the Shell approved PaaS Azure Services.
Within the Azure Portal, Shell can 'initiate eg. a VM. Each VM will be 'Customized/Shellified' via automated scripting to install required virus/malware tooling, updated with required patching and install agents, if required. This is a base VM customization, applicable for each VM (either self managed or full managed). On top of the base configured VM, Shell can 'monitor' the operating of the VM by themselves (Shell Self Managed). In case of Self-managed, Shell can raise a support request with the Shell CKC or with TSI for 'on-demand‘support on a pay per use basis.
Shell preferred TSI to provide a Full Managed service including Health Monitoring, backup and resolving incidents within defined service levels. Besides Managed VM’s, TSI will provide Full Managed Services for ‘defined’ Azure PaaS Streams eg. Windows, SQL Database, Linux, Oracle etc.