Dirk Rumler
Dirk Rumler
Head of Industry Group Retail

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360-degree ICT services for retail

Consumers are becoming ever more demanding – both online and in-store, and retailers face new challenges virtually every day. And: The competition is often just a side street or a mouse click away.
Today’s bargain hunters expect high quality and a great shopping experience, all at a good price. And they leverage social media and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs to find out quickly who can fulfill their wishes. Against this background, stores need to offer highly attractive incentives to buy, and blaze new trails with special offers. To rise to the task, store owners need streamlined, flexible ICT solutions.
New business models such as mobile and e-commerce are emerging. Google is entering the virtual retail space and Amazon is gaining a strong foothold. And legislation is continuously changing. This makes flexibility more critical than ever. To stay ahead of the game and manage their sales, product ranges, procurement, pricing and global stores competitively, retailers require effective ICT support.

Enhancing store operations

Businesses that manage their own, increasingly complex technical infrastructures face rising costs – at a time when margins are becoming ever tighter. But there is an alternative: an ICT service package with a central user help desk (UHD), and on-site support for wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN) and all in-store hardware, in line with customer needs. A harmonized and consolidated ICT infrastructure and a transparent price-per-port model enable retailers to concentrate on their core business and cut costs. The comprehensive offering also covers the security and availability of IP networks, energy management, digital media and WLAN connectivity for customer apps.

Seamlessly integrated communication solutions

Integrating the point of sale with mobile devices provides customers with incentives to buy and increases loyalty in the long-term. And it enables shoppers to scan items with their smartphones, view information about products, and calculate the total cost of items in their basket. What’s more, they can pay with their cell phone – at the touch of a button, without having to stand in line.
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