Customer Experience Management

Sales & After Sales
Strengthening customer loyalty

To deliver outstanding customer service throughout a car’s lifecycle, manufacturers, dealerships and repair shops need integrated IT tools.
Sales and after-sales go far beyond simple activities such as distributing brochures to existing customers. They include any service offered before, during and after the sale of the vehicle. The corresponding ICT solutions, including mobile functions, must be seamlessly integrated: for instance, enabling the manager of a repair shop to use his smartphone to check the current repair status of a car. Moreover, T-Systems gives all stakeholders in after-sales service features and information that add even greater value. Thanks to the CustomerOne solution, for example, the president of a car dealership always has up-to-date financial facts and figures at his fingertips. And the sales director has access to regularly updated information on special offers and discounts.

Proactive, not reactive

A positive brand and product image already plays a key role in purchase decisions. And in the age of social networking, it is becoming even more important – with ideas and opinions, both positive and negative, spreading at astonishing speed. Each and every customer is able to communicate their experiences with products, brands and services at the click of a mouse.
The after-sales offerings from T-Systems are based on three elements. Together, they support all aspects of any successful sales approach: marketing and sales, service and retail.
For more than 20 years, T-Systems has been a leading provider of ICT to the automotive industry, with experience and expertise in the development, implementation, operation and monitoring of after-sales solutions.

How do Sales & After Sales solutions benefit my business?

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