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Supply Chain Management
Synchronized value grids

Supply chain management (SCM) solutions enable OEMs and suppliers to coordinate their processes across the entire value grid.
To accelerate time-to-market, car manufacturers need to improve the coordination of all players and activities along the supply chain – with the help of powerful ICT solutions. These ensure the seamless flow of information between suppliers, logistics providers and OEMs.
The goal is to standardize automotive manufacturers’ IT landscapes and the exchange of information, both internally and externally. This enables OEMs to integrate their suppliers into both production processes and logistics networks with great simplicity and speed.

Global supply chains

T-Systems has developed a methodology for the rapid implementation of global ICT-supported supply chain processes. It includes a template solution that models between 80 and 90 percent of typical supplier processes “out of the box”. At the same time, it helps eliminate errors in information exchange.
At the start of each project, an in-depth analysis is made of the current supply chain to identify weaknesses and ways of achieving tangible improvements. T-Systems develops, operates and monitors various SCM solutions for a variety of major international players. The Deutsche Telekom subsidiary offers a complete service offering, from initial simulation, to implementation and management, to ongoing application monitoring.

How do Supply Chain Management solutions benefit my business?

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