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Tatjana Geierhaas
Tatjana Geierhaas
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Best Practice - The T-Systems customer magazine

As one of the leading ICT providers, T-Systems helps companies to transform their IT. ICT providers need to be flexible, reliable and innovative.

Issue 01/2016

Time for Un-outsourcing.

Companies have to digitize. But many are still
hesitating before making the necessary trans-
formation of their ICT. What they need are ICT
service providers who think differently.
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According to Experton, only seven out of 600 IT service providers offer outstanding full IT support. Full IT services for the digital transformation

Issue 01/2016

We’re different. And for good reason.

With its multi-cloud ecosystem, T-Systems offers an end-to-end approach – reliable, on time, quality and budget. Managing heterogeneous cloud ecosystems efficiently

Issue 01/2016

System Integration is King.

The increasing diversity of cloud models
requires “cloudifiers” who can master
complex transformations from start to
finish, says Andreas Zilch, Lead Advisor
for Pierre Audoin Consultants.
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Besides its effects on ICT, the impact of the digital transformation in a business context is crucial. The digital transformation requires courage to invest.

Issue 01/2016

CIO-Talk at Haniel

Haniel CIO Dirk Müller on disruption as
the driver of business models, the role of
the Group in pioneering digital transformation
and IT problems where sometimes you need
to rely on your “gut feel”.
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We’re different. And for good reason.

Analyze IT

System Integration is King.

CIO Talk

CIO-Talk at Haniel


Issue 01/2016

More and more companies take their business to the cloud to use Software-as-a-Service? But what are their options?

Free choice in best breed.

Whether for SAP, Microsoft or Salesforce users, the multi-cloud ecosystem from T-Systems integrates and orchestrates the world’s leading software products as one-stop SaaS solutions.


Cloud computing is far more than just an IT trend and has the potential for big innovations in companies of all sectors.

Market barometer.

For more and more companies, the cloud has long since gone from being an option to an existential must. Between security, scalability and interoperability – priorities in numbers.

Guest book

The volume of cloud services already reaches three-figure billions  – and the market grows continuously.

Explorations on the cloud.

The Stanford scientist, Dr. Timothy Chou, subscribes to the view that computing & storage devices worth up 456 billion dollars are waiting to be serviced from the cloud – every year!


Public, private or hybrid cloud? OpenStack allows the usage and the combination of diverse cloud platforms.

The link is in the cloud mix

More and more companies are leaning towards a sourcing mix of different platforms when it comes to the cloud. The independent software framework, OpenStack, is indispensable in ensuring the necessary standards and open interfaces.


After selling Ariba Keith Krach dedicates himself to DocuSign offering his customers secure digital signatures from the cloud.

Shining light of an industry.

Keith Krach is considered a pioneer in robotics, e-commerce and the digitization of the economy. In DocuSign, the “cloud service entrepreneur 2015” has created a platform through which digital business transactions can be securely concluded at any time on the move.

Best Practices


Shell CIO Jay Crotts banks on SAP HANA to always have the right information. This way, decisions can be made more easily.

With SAP HANA to a world record.

Group CIO Jay Crotts and T-Systems Director, Dr. Ferri Abolhassan on real-time analyses in the largest SAP HANA installation in the world, the transfer of 150 terabytes of critical legacy data to SharePoint and on how services from the cloud are becoming secure.

ams AG

T-Systems banks on service quality. This way, the provider corresponds with the high requirements of  ams AG.

When Zero Outage is a must.

The Austrian semiconductor manufacturer had every reason to entrust its IT to the Telekom subsidiary for a further decade: 1100 regular changes and not one major IT incident in the last four years. A crucial factor in this success has been T-Systems’ quality offensive, “Zero Outage”.

Putting in a shift with an MoD

To ensure end-to-end IT quality, T-Systems has even the top decision makers on stand-by.

Record of a weekend.

It should be part of any consistent quality assurance policy that even executives and SVPs of an IT provider keep themselves available and ready to intervene 24/7 when a customer embarks on major changes or endures a critical incident. But that can’t be said of very many.

FU Berlin

A Next Generation Network enables the scientists to engage in interdisciplinary exchange by video conference.

Research and teaching at high speed.

A Next Generation Network, 7,000 IP telephones and 1,800 WiFi hotspots – as part of a worldwide collaboration between universities, Freie Universität Berlin is providing top speed video conferences at 877 Mbit/s for its roughly 7,000 employees and 34,000 students.


New, disruptive technologies such as the Internet of Things call for secure and stable IT infrastructures.

Real moments in time.

Whether in agricultural production processes, fleet management in logistics or for predictive analytics as for machine manufacturer Dürkopp-Adler – in the age of Industry 4.0 real-time information is becoming a competitive factor.

Cloud as enabler

The future of the cloud: Three trail-blazing pilot projects show just what the cloud will be able to do when it “grows up”.

Visions of the future in sight.

Airports, the Austrian post office and petrol station operator JET are already running pilot projects and exploiting the fact that as a result of modern architecture and systems solutions, there seem to be no limits to the elasticity of the cloud.

Specialist book

The book "The Drivers of Digital Transformation" presents diverse perspectives to take a 360° view on digitization.

What is driving digitization?

Top-class authors from the world of business and the IT sector explain why there’s no getting around the cloud. Above all, they all agree on one thing: digitization and cloud-based processes will be the central business engines of the 21st century.

Issue 01/2016

Flexible contractual terms: Rigid conditions are common practice in the IT branch. Now, it is time for a change!


How to find the fitting service provider.


Issue 01/2016

Cars straight from the printer: Audi prints faithful model of the grand prix sports car, „Auto Union Type C“ from 1936.

Cars straight from the printer.

This faithful model of the Grand Prix sports car, "Auto Union Type C" from 1936 was printed at Audi. The metal components were also made in a 3D printer on a scale of 1:2.

Issue 01/2016

Women's summit: What do Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Yahoo have in common? They are all looking for female IT professionals.

Women´s summit.

What do Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Yahoo have in common? They are all looking for female IT professionals. Angie Chang’s Girl Geek Dinners aim at networking women from the IT sector.

Issue 01/2016

World heritage sites on the cloud: Teams from CyArk are digitally plotting the architectural structures.

World heritage sites on the cloud.

Teams from CyArk are digitally plotting the architectural structures of monuments threatened with destruction. The aim is to reveal the original construction plans and to save them for the future.
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