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Money might not bring happiness, but it does make life easier. Because we want you to be able to focus fully on the tasks at hand, we support you with an attractive salary and numerous benefits.
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Our working world is undergoing a constant change process. Digitization will lead to far-reaching changes at many levels in our lives. Autonomy with respect to time management is increasingly important, people are very conscious again of personal development and evolution, and pensions are a key part of life planning. Given these vital issues and many others, T-Systems in Russia offers attractive benefits:
We conduct more than 130 projects in Russia. Our customers are from different industries, from telecommunications to automotive. We create useful products for millions of people around the world.
We work with the largest European customers, but this does not prevent us being active in our free time. We are engaged in sports - we play volleyball and football. We have table tennis and a kicker, and we also participate in cross-country marathons and hold warm-up at the offices. Our employees regularly go to museums together, and they can reach the office on bicycles. We regularly hold corporate holidays and thematic quests.
We comply with the labor legislation of the Russian Federation. A salary pays monthly (2 times a month). Also company pays аn annual bonus.
We offer flexible working schedule and the opportunity at your discretion to choose the start and end of the working day.
Of course, this depends on the specific project, but we strive to ensure that you can maintain a job-life balance.
Each employee after the trial period is issued LCA. In LCA includes a large number of services, including dentistry. Once a week, a therapist comes to our office. After probation the company pays 100% of the sick-list for 15 working days.
The company provides a relocation bonus to candidates who are deported to Voronezh or St. Petersburg.
Training in the company plays an important role in building a career, so we try to create the necessary conditions for the comprehensive development of our specialists.
We provide employees with ample opportunities for professional development: training within the company and beyond, developing soft skills and learning foreign languages.
Employees can use 24/7 online platform with thousands of courses, a library and programs for preparing for certification on various topics. The platform is available online and is regularly updated.
We have distributed teams, and our employees go on business trips to Europe, in particular, to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia.
On business trips we work with European colleagues, we exchange knowledge, we discuss the work done and new tasks.
In each office we have kitchens equipped with everything necessary to have lunch at the office with colleagues.
We always have coffee and tea. During the holidays we treat employees with sweets and fruits.
In recreation areas we have board games and Xbox, as well as tables for table tennis and kicker.
We unite personal life and work in our corporate culture. During the year we hold a large number of interesting events. During the holidays we organize quests, congratulations to colleagues, decorate the office, treat sweets and fruits, and play corporate souvenirs.
We go in for sports - play volleyball, badminton and football. In the office we have table tennis and a kicker, and we also participate in cross-country marathons and conduct warm-ups in the offices. Our employees can come to the office on bicycles.
Our company cooperates with various charitable foundations of St. Petersburg and Voronezh, helping with wards for charity events and actions. In addition, we participate in charity marathons, we collect things for needy people and several times a year we spend the day of the donor.

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