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Our culture

We are shaping the digital world

And our teams are bringing people closer together

As an international ICT company, we are a driving force behind digital transformation. We innovate for society and enable our employees to help shape the future.
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Our culture and values

We are driven by innovation and inspired by a team spirit based on exchanging ideas: Our culture is characterized by our collaborative work towards a digital future. Using the best tools and technologies, we create unique solutions for our customers and offer our employees an opportunity for personal development. We have high expectations and offer the chance to effectively shape the digital world of tomorrow. Our Guiding Principles describe how we make this a reality.

Our Guiding Principles

Customer delight and simplicity drive our action
We don't just want customers to be satisfied, but want to delight them with our services.
Respect and integrity guide our behavior
We respect our co-workers, customers, partners and suppliers. We support the success of T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom with an open, honest culture.
Team together – Team apart
We aim to discuss issues openly within the team. There has to be room for differences of opinion and for tough, controversial discussions. Once a decision has been made, however, it must be implemented thoroughly and consistently by all team players.
Best place to perform and grow
Our success is based on motivated, well-trained employees. That's why this Guiding Principle requires all management staff to recognize individual commitment and success and to promote a positive environment with opportunities for growth and development.
I am T – count on me
I stand for the T (T-Systems and Deutsche Telekom): customers, co-workers and partners can rely on me.
Culture and values at T-Systems
In 2014 T-Systems Russia launched the program «Connected Life and Work:! Go to museums!" Bimonthly T-Systems employees can visit museums and exhibitions of the city. In Voronezh the employees can go to the Planetarium and the Oceanarium. St. Petersburg colleagues regularly visit the Russian Museum, "Erarta" museum, and in the summer take part in excursions by boat on the rivers and canals of the city.
In the spare time, our colleagues can play table tennis or kicker in equipped gaming room. In addition, we conduct internal competitions on pulling up on the bar and other prize-winning sports competitions. For  active sports fans the company rents the football, volleyball and badminton courts near the office.
T-Systems is a traditional participant of the tournament among IT-companies «IT-championship." Every year a growing number of disciplines, where our colleagues stated. In 2017, the company's employees participated in competitions in football, volleyball, table tennis, "What? Where? When? ", running and cycling.
In addition, our footbal players represent the company in the League of Business Champions and Championship of the Sporting League.
In our office you can always find a place to gather for evening table games with the project team or to arrange a competition in the X-Box. Regularly we conduct the turnament on sports version of "What? Where? When? " game, in which more than 50 intellectuals take part each year.
On the eve of the New Year the company organises the Christmas party for employees' children, during which they meet with the office of the parents and fun to spend time in the company of heroes of legends and fairy tales. The colleagues, whose children can not participate in the event, receive Christmas gifts for children.
Twice a year, in theSt. Petersburg office more than 100 employees take part in the Day of the Donor, where they have the opportunity to help those in need of blood. Thus, it was possible to collect more than 130 liters of blood during the past three years! Such events is accompanied by refreshments and souvenirs for the participants.
Our company is working with various charities in St. Petersburg and Voronezh, helping ward charges on the basis of charitable activities and events. In addition, each summer our colleagues are involved in a charity marathon from the Fund "Bright Life", to raise funds for families with difficult life situations. In addition, once a year, the Campaign for the shop "Thank you" takes plas and we collect unwanted items for needy charities.
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