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Staff development

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Whatever stage you are at. Whether you are a school student, university student or graduate or have work experience, our company has the right entrance door for you. We offer a broad spectrum of personal training and development options. Whether you're a newcomer, an expert or a manager – we can offer you exciting prospects and individual career paths.
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Personal development
With the aim of training their colleagues the  experienced staff of T-Systems Russia conducts technical courses and shares the professional expertise in domestic workshops and master classes.
The employees are regulary sent to specialized courses and workshops in different areas: programming, testing, project management
To give the employees more career opportunities, as well as to confirm the high level of their knowledge and skills, T-Systems Russia offers the Certification programs in different areas: ISTQB, ITIL, OSJP, SAP.
T-Systems Russia employees participate in relevant conferences (SQA days, Joker, Analyst days) throughout Russia as listeners and speakers. In the office, we regularly hold meetings of professional societies.
To improve communication within teams and to increase the efficiency of interaction with customers, the employees regularly participate in soft skills trainings. These include training on motivation, leadership, management, teamwork, time management, presentation and personal development.
In addition to specialized technical training there is  the opportunity to learn foreign languages (English and German), including online, at the expense of the company.
The employees of T-Systems can use the platform with thousands of courses, library and training programs for certification on various topics. The platform is available online 24/7 and regularly updated.
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