Smart Archiving Services

Scalable digital archiving based on ImageMaster

With Smart Archiving Services, T-Systems is providing audit-proof digital document and data archiving as a service from the cloud. Companies bundle all their data in a central archive backbone, thus improving the performance of their IT systems and the efficiency of their business processes.
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A comprehensive solution for digital archiving is an indispensable part of a company's enterprise content management (ECM): Recording, managing, storing and providing company-related data and documents digitally allows companies to simplify and speed up their business processes. Smart Archiving Services from T-Systems enable automated and audit-proof digital archiving of the data and documents – including electronic personnel files, contracts, invoices, orders, e-mails, etc.
Benefits for …
  • Transparent and variable
  • Smart Archiving Services offer a demand-based solution for digital archiving
  • Maximum transparency thanks to flexibly expandable service packages 
Certified IT security and data protection in accordance with German law
  • Hosting at a secure, ITIL and ISO 27001 certified data center located in Germany
  • Service and data center management based on the security architecture ESARIS (Enterprise Security Architecture for Reliable ICT Services)
  • SAP certification for ImageMaster ArchiveLink and Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  • Telekom PSA certification (Privacy and Security Assessment) of the ImageMaster archiving solution for technical security and data protection
All services and solutions from a single source
  • T-Systems not only provides the software for digital archiving, but also looks after consulting, development, migration, operation and maintenance.
  • More than 15 years in the field of digital archiving
  • T-Systems has already carried out 1,000 successful archiving projects.
Process optimization and cost reductions
  • More efficient processes thanks to automated digital data and document archiving
  • Reduced staff workload and time savings through a uniform archiving system
  • Lower costs through consolidation of the archive within a central archiving solution
  • Cross-location archive with a clear structure and available at anytime
Long-term archiving with full audit trail
  • Digital archiving with ImageMaster meets legal requirements regarding transparency, completeness and long-term retention of business-related information
  • Data processing and access options in accordance with the principles of the German Federal Ministry of Finance on data access and the auditing of digital documents (GDPdU)
  • Reliable data storage thanks to a highly secure and highly available cloud environment
Economic and flexible digital archiving
  • Short minimum contract term of twelve months
  • Usage-based, dynamic volume model (+/- 100 users, +/- 100 GB)
  • The volume can be adapted at short notice (within two working days)

Digital archiving from the cloud

The solution is based on the ImageMaster archive service and meets three key challenges: The growing volume of data and complexity of system landscapes, along with ever increasing commercial and tax regulations on the storage of digital documents.  Companies and authorities are required to electronically archive tax-related documents for up to ten years and more. Smart Archiving Services meet these requirements and stand up to tax and other audits.
As with all applications based on ImageMaster, the digital archiving solution is equipped with dedicated access management.  Only authorized persons or systems are permitted access. T-Systems ensures secure operation of the digital archiving solution.

Use Cases

Modular expansion of archiving functions

Smart Archiving Services have a modular structure, which means that different functions can be added as needed. In addition to SAP ERP, ILM and Messenger archiving, users can request other business applications for digital archiving for SharePoint and e-mail, as well as for compliance archiving and retention management. The result is a uniform archive backbone which can be accessed by all employees – regardless of the time or place.