Flexible and mobile collaboration: WebRTC brings corporate video to devices using browsers.

Video conferencing

Flexible collaboration: anytime, anywhere and on any device

Flexibler zusammenarbeiten: Jederzeit, überall und auf jedem Endgerät
  • WebRTC brings corporate video to devices using browsers
  • Stay productive even on the move thanks to corporate video from the cloud
  • Take full advantage of interoperable, open systems
  • Increase employee satisfaction and performance by enabling greater working flexibility

Corporate video from the cloud

55 percent of all German companies use video conferencing systems and web meetings to communicate with colleagues and customers – ranging from "occasionally" to "very frequently". This is the finding of a recent survey by the industry association Bitkom. The reason for this is that real-time communication allows decisions to be made faster and work processes to be organized more efficiently. Whereas video conferencing and conference call systems were previously only feasible as permanently installed room solutions, cloud technology is now also finding its way into this area. Corporate video from the cloud is not only easy to manage, it can also be used on the move.

Mobile working is becoming increasingly popular

The growing appeal of mobile working is confirmed by a current study by HTW, the University of Applied Sciences in Berlin, which shows that more than half of all employees in Germany are already taking advantage of this option. More than every second respondent see it as offering them better or even significantly improved options for tailoring the workplace and working times to their needs without negatively impacting efficiency or performance. On the contrary, the HTW study shows that job satisfaction, performance and quality of results have actually improved. Companies are also experiencing the benefits of mobile work with workplace IT from the cloud and corporate video.

WebRTC transforms devices into corporate video workstations

A key requirement for anyone who wants to remain productive when on the move is the possibility to use applications and information anytime, anywhere and on any device. Not a problem with corporate video: the WebRTC protocol transforms devices with browsers (plug-in may be necessary) and Internet access into a corporate video workstation – in the office, at home or on the move. Instead of relying on permanently installed video-conferencing equipment, users can take part in video conferences using a notebook, desktop computer or smartphone thanks to WebRTC.
The increasing level of standardization is also enhancing the interoperability of corporate video. External users can be invited at the click of a mouse, and existing Unified Communications systems can be incorporated. Conferences can be set up and started at the touch of a finger, likewise without the need for expert knowledge. Corporate video in this way facilitates exchanges across projects between colleagues, with internal experts, customers or partners – and also on mobile, web-enabled devices thanks to WebRTC.