A high-performance big data platform is the basis for management and intelligent analysis of huge amounts of data.

Powerful Big Data Platform

Data Integration and Smart Data Management

  • Big data technology based on platform-as-a-service
  • Storage capacity extremely scalable (> petabytes)
  • Management and analysis of structured and unstructured data
  • Direct access and processing of real-time information
  • End-to-end-service with established quality standards
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Scalable storage capacity and real-time access

T-Systems’ big data offering is based on an efficiently and dynamically scalable big data platform in the cloud. It forms the basis for developing and providing innovative and integral solutions within the big data environment. Easy integration and flexible data management are essential for handling the huge amounts of data generated in the context of M2M communication, Internet of Things (IoT) and digital connection.

Big data platform based on Hadoop

There are no limits in terms of quantity and type of data source. To integrate and aggregate huge amounts of data with different sizes, T-Systems utilizes the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) as the foundation for its big data platform. The framework is suitable for the collection, backup and processing of huge, unstructured amounts of data.  At the same time, Hadoop is expandable up to any number of computers (nodes). That makes the platform highly flexible and enables enormous storage capacity up to petabyte ranges. 

Extension by real-time analytics

Furthermore, T-Systems offers real-time analytics based on SAP HANA. The In-Memory database records all data directly in the main memory (RAM). This permits an extremely quick access and analysis in real-time. Both solutions will be combined to a comprehensive big data platform for smart data management – depending on requirements. For the customer this means, regardless if volume, variety or velocity of data is the challenge – T-Systems has a suitable solution for optimal aggregation, storage and analysis.

No Big Data without Cloud

Cloud computing is the driver as well as the key technology for big data at the same time: An economic backup of mass data and unlimited availability of data are only realizable by using scalable ICT resources in the cloud. In-house databases quickly reach their limits when processing huge amounts of data – and investment costs for an owned high-performance big data platform are enormous. To help customers overcome this challenge and improve cost efficiency and flexibility, T-Systems provides the latest big data technologies as a platform-as-a-service in a highly secure cloud. This means, companies can use a state-of-the-art solution without any financial risk.

From transformation to data analysis

The big data platforms are part of a comprehensive cloud ecosystem by T-Systems. How should ICT be transformed to ensure data integration works fluently across different interfaces? How can information be aggregated in order to avoid data silos? Which big data technology is most suitable for specific company requirements? T-Systems supports companies by answering all these questions and offers consulting services ranging from cloud migration over building an efficient big data platform to applying the proper analytics tool. This also includes security: all services and solutions will be designed according to the highest security aspects. T-Systems operates highly modern cloud data centers to ensure the data backup and data privacy. This holistic approach helps T-Systems to realize all elements for sustainable end-to-end concepts and lays the foundation not only to cope with the increasing amounts of data optimally, but also to tap into new opportunities.

Partners for digitization

Besides long-term transformation competence, customers also benefit from a comprehensive partner network, including major market players like SAP and Cloudera. Together with these partners, T-Systems jointly develops innovative digitization solutions and is able to provide suitable overall concepts. The big data platform by T-Systems is based on state-of-the-art technologies such as Hadoop and SAP HANA. As a basic platform for big data aggregation, the Cloudera Distribution of Hadoop and a best-of-breed ETL solutions are used.