Condition Monitoring & Tracking solution allows companies to remotely monitor and manage machines through an online portal.

Condition Monitoring & Tracking

Cloud of Things platform for Internet of things

  • End-to-end solution: Hardware, connectivity, data services for analysis
  • T-Systems as strategic partner for a holistic digitization strategy
  • Flexible pricing model: Pay as you grow
  • Scalability: Simple development of specific use cases based on IoT data
  • Cloud of Things platform as IoT data hub
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Condition Monitoring & Tracking for almost every use case

Hardly any company keeps all its machines, systems, devices and objects in one location – they often are geographically dispersed or even in motion. This results in critical challenges such as lack of existing access to data showing the current condition of machines, devices, objects or infrastructures. Stops and breakdowns often occur as a consequence, in turn leading to expensive manual processes for maintenance, configuration and Firmware management of dispersed objects and systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) offers completely new possibilities, such as Condition Monitoring & Tracking, an IoT solution by T-Systems.

IoT-solution for all industries

Condition Monitoring & Tracking is a solution package, which can be customized to almost every use case: from concerns tracking of transport goods, filling of tanks and silos over measuring temperature of compressors and cooling systems to monitoring machines and systems. The Machine-to-Machine (M2M) hardware – the gateway – is installed in the monitoring object and continuously provides position and condition data, error reports and alarms. A web-based dashboard visualizes data and enables near real-time monitoring.
Building on Condition Monitoring & Tracking is our solution package for Predictive Maintenance. It uses the condition monitoring data to allow for an estimation of when a component is likely to break and so enable an exchange in due time. Downtimes can be reduced to a minimum or even completely avoided if maintenance takes place while the object is not in use.