MPLS-based services for secure communication and data networks

  • Modular VPN services from industrial production
  • Managed service VPN with end-to-end responsibility
  • International accessibility to centralized applications
  • Data transfer accordance with defined service classes
  • Inherent system reliability through MPLS production platform
  • Technology, processes and interfaces for VoIP integration and hybrid VPNs
  • Accelerated international IPSec connections via the Internet to the MPLS platform
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Secure global corporate networks (WAN) with IP VPN

The foundation of the IP VPN IntraSelect solution by T-Systems is a managed VPN based on MPLS (multi-protocol label switching). It enables the prioritization of crucial applications and guarantees secure access to centralized applications and multi-cloud connections.

MPLS-based site linkage

The IP VPN IntraSelect service by T-Systems is a modular toolset of connectivity solutions for site coupling, mobility and extranet. IntraSelect Fixed Connect is especially suited to connecting medium-sized and large company sites via MPLS and in any situation that demands high availability, security and transmission quality.
Global availability

Cost-effective connection of small sites

IntraSelect Remote Connect connects branches, home offices and mobile employees with the company network securely. The high-performance overlay network by T-Systems partner Akamai also offers accelerated Internet links via IPSec tunnels to the MPLS platform.


IntraSelect: The right service for every need

Technical specifications

Line variants
  • Fixed Connect Ethernet (up to 10 Gbit/s)
  • Fixed Connect Mobile (up to 20 MBit/s)
  • 8 classes of service (CoS): Transfer of applications, differentiated by need (delay, jitter, packet loss) and definition of minimum bandwidths
  • Multi-VPN: Use of multiple logical VPNs over one access line
  • Traffic offloading: Increase in bandwidth speed for mission-critical applications through DSL traffic offloading for less bandwidth-hungry applications
  • Advanced reporting: Threshold and forecast reporting indicates bandwidth congestion
  • WAN acceleration: Up to 50-fold acceleration of applications
  • Extranet solutions: Efficient, high-security exchange of sensitive data beyond company borders
Line variants
  • UMTS/LTE (up to 300 MBit/s)
  • Internet with IPSec encryption (bandwith Internet access-dependent)
Mobile Connect for mobile employees
  • Secure client: IPSec-encrypted Internet connection to the MPLS platform
  • Secure Internet Dial/Private Dial dial-in from various devices, using mobile clients via the Internet, or mobile dial-in

Office Connect for branches and home offices
  • Office Connect Internet: Connection to the MPLS platform via IPSec encryption, using the customer's own Internet line
  • Office Connect Internet Acceleration: Transmission acceleration through use of Akamai's high-performance overlay network

Ready for the future with IP VPN

Future networks have to adapt flexibly to a company's changing needs. IP VPNs offer a simple, scalable solution to master challenges such as increasing data volumes and cross-site collaboration. They are the interface between locations, employees and applications.

Guaranteed quality and availability

IntraSelect is produced on the high-performance IP MPLS platform by T-Systems, with approx. 4,047,000,000 megabytes (4.0 petabytes) of daily IP data throughput worldwide. This backbone platform features maximum availability, a large number of PoPs (points of presence), failure safety and fast re-routing. Its global network currently consists of around 300,000 km of fiber optics and is being expanded continually and optimized for future needs. T-Systems currently manages over 1,800 IP VPNs for some 68,000 locations and 278,000 routers at its global customer sites.

Business efficiency thanks to flexible services from a single source

In addition to low implementation costs and short lead times for the integration of services, T-Systems can take end-to-end responsibility for the setup and operation of telecommunications platforms that pay off in the bottom line: customers benefit from the commercial and technical synergies of integrated solutions, individual contract terms and services that can expand and contract on demand. This flexibility is a decisive component of the best price-performance ratio.

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