Network Security

Network Security

A new enemy every second: Network security needs to keep up

Lay the foundations for secure ICT Systems with Network Security.

Businesses rely on secure ICT systems. They can lay the foundation with network security.

  • Take advantage of the latest technology with Network Security Services (NSS)
  • Security by German data protection standards
  • No more time wasted on upkeep and maintenance
  • Customized operating models from on-premise to cloud solutions
  • Flexible, expandable solutions with our modular offer
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Early warning systems are a must for top cyber defense

„Criminal gangs use sophisticated malware to target organisations directly in order to steal valuable data.“
David Emm, Kaspersky Lab
An exploratory team finds new rare earth deposits. The team sends some initial information to company headquarters without realizing that, unbeknown to them, a competitor is spying on this useful information with the help of a hacker who is reading the exploratory team's e-mails. There are plenty of scenarios involving attacks on ICT systems, from industrial espionage to blackmail. According to the Kaspersky Global IT Security Risk Survey of 2013, 91 percent of all companies were attacked at least once in the last twelve months. That means that action needs to be taken. Network security lays the foundation for secure ICT.
Administrators are faced with the challenge of having to constantly adapt their network security systems to new threats. Deutsche Telekom's honeypots alone record more than 800,000 attacks each day; a year ago it were "only" 450,000. And the number of malware programs is growing exponentially as well. Security-as-a-service, e.g., security solutions from the cloud, help improve network security and also help protect company ICT.

Network Security – looking for anomalies helps in the early identification of threats

Hackers, growing increasingly professional, have an ever-expanding repertoire of attack methods at their disposal. In order to be able to protect systems from unknown attacks, the Telekom Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT) searches the Internet and the Telekom network for anomalies. The experts analyze different sources around the clock. The knowledge gained from Telekom's early warning systems, like honeypots, and from Telekom CERT is incorporated into T-Systems' security services as well. e.g., into our Managed Firewall Services.
The right solution
Protect corporate networks
Managed Firewall Services fend off attacks from the Internet, with simultaneous high availability and the use of specially trained operating staff.

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A managed firewall does more than just protect the corporate network from online attacks. Complementary services like location networking via VPN, Radius and DNS services help as well. These services are managed by T-Systems security specialists who are always up to date thanks to sources such as the findings of Telekom CERT. Customers can decide where to put the managed firewall. They can choose between an on-premise or hosted solution. The firewall is remotely managed by T-Systems experts in both cases.

Network security from high-security data centers

The infrastructure for our hosted Network Security Services is located in high-security, certified data centers. In almost all cases, the degree of security and availability provided by our services is considerably higher than technology operated by the company itself. And costs are usually lower thanks to a scalable, professional infrastructure.