Managed Firewall Services for enterprises

Managed firewalls: more than just web security

Companies are being faced with a new type of criminal hacker, one who is targeting their corporate knowledge. A managed application firewall protects your corporate network from web attacks and provides many other services as well. Our managed application firewall is operated by security specialists who are always up-to-date on the latest attack patterns.
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Today, the most dangerous cyber criminals are active in industrial espionage where they steal patents, high-tech developments and other valuable corporate knowledge. With ever-changing attack methods and an almost unlimited time budget, they try to break in online to internal networks to access the information they are looking for. The only way to quickly identify cyber attacks and be able to launch countermeasures is to work around the clock to monitor, correlate and separately analyze the network and security incidents occurring in your systems.
Immediately launching countermeasures
  • On-premise version with management
  • End-to-end managed service with dedicated set-up at T-Systems' data centers
  • Updates and release management by qualified service staff
  • Around-the-clock monitoring of availability, performance and security
  • Use of the latest technology at all times
  • High application firewall service availability
  • Security in the hand of the experts
  • Modular additional services on demand, from LAN security to SIEM (security incident event management)
  • Planning reliability with services provided at a fixed monthly price
  • No need to hire your own service staff
  • Protection systems that are always up-to-date
  • With its Company Connect product, T-Systems provides companies web access that offers integrated protection from distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). Thanks to this network intelligence, T-Systems can fend off DDoS attacks before they even reach the managed application firewall.

Application Firewalls need to be kept up-to-date

Only a few companies have the luxury of employing a specialized service staff that is able to keep up with the new threats that appear daily. Managed Firewall Services use the latest technology and a highly qualified operating team to provide constant, up-to-date protection from online attacks. From unified threat management (UTM box) to next generation firewalls, our specialized security operating staff uses the latest technology to protect our customers' servers and networks around the clock.
T-Systems' Managed Firewall Services are available to companies in two operational versions. Customers who choose the on-premise solution lease the technical infrastructure to operate the firewall at their own data center. T-Systems' service staff manages the firewall. Customers can choose which highly secure access technology they prefer.

Managed Application firewalls from high-security data centers

In the second version, T-Systems integrates the application firewall into its own platform. T-Systems operates the managed application firewall in a dedicated infrastructure at one of its high-security data centers. The operating team makes sure that firewall services are available around the clock. Our qualified specialists run updates, handle release management and monitor the system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Monitoring activities include monitoring system availability, performance and security. Should there be a technical problem or attack, our operating team can immediately launch countermeasures. With our service, businesses can protect their networks with the latest security technology without having to hire their own service staff or make heavy investments.
T-Systems' data centers provide a very high level of operational security, are set up redundantly and have all the required certifications for commissioned processing of personal data. Our trained, specialized staff has access to Telekom's comprehensive security expertise. Telekom works with Telekom CERT (Cyber Emergency Response Team) and identifies and analyzes up to 800,000 hacker attacks each day on its own honeypot infrastructure.
Always up-to-date
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