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Two people looking at a screen and gesticulating to explain what they see.
June 23 2021 | Digital

Agile in Action – A new Website in 125 Days

How Kanban & Co. have boosted our project management and led to more traffic and leads.

An animated warning triangle in blue
June 16 2021 | Digital

SAP automation: A peek behind the scenes

Maintaining 10,000 SAP instances manually? Not really practicable. The automations and standards which make operations more effective and less expensive.

A man sitting infront of a screen with coding everywhere in magenta
June 14 2021 | Security

Managed security: Right from the start

How companies benefit from multi-cloud environments without neglecting security and compliance.

Two women, one of which is a doctor are sitting at a desk and are looking at an iPad
May 31 2021 | Healthcare

Healthcare Cloud: Fort Knox for healthcare data

With the Telekom Healthcare Cloud, companies in the healthcare sector finally have access to a public cloud that complies with data protection laws and regulations.

A hand holding a animated cloud with a lock between his fingers
May 21 2021 | Cloud Services

Microsegmentation: Security down to the most minute detail

How to minimize the threat of cyberattacks and potential damage using new software solutions.

Colourful lines in pink, light blue and yellow on a dark background
May 12 2021 | Digital

Industry Map: Digital Banking & Insurance

Discover new digitalization opportunities for Banking & Insurance.

Green lines with yellow, blue and red dots 
May 10 2021 | Cloud Services

Break Glass: Secure Cloud Log Data Access

Amazon S3: Using native AWS services to securely and compliantly access log data.

IM-Automated-processing-of-SAP-changes (1)
May 06 2021 | Collaboration

Automation: Checking 350 Parameters Every 5 Minutes

IT automation simplifies the management of SAP landscapes, reduces downtime, and operating costs.

Digital padlock drawn in blue lines infront of a dark background
May 03 2021 | Cloud Services

Protecting Employees Using Secure AWS Solutions

Introducing AWS Cloud as a digital foundation for a highly secure Threat Management Assistant (TMA).

Three skyscrapers above magenta coloured clouds
April 30 2021 | Cloud Services

What does the future of cloud look like?

Public, private or hybrid? Cloud is taking a new shape, driven by hyperscalers such as AWS and a suite of new technologies.

Inside of a Car looking from the backseat fowards the front, lots of numbers in the foreground
April 21 2021 | Automotive

Quicker in development – the Remote Testlab

How vehicle manufacturers are optimizing development and test processes for embedded software with digital solutions.

A data center with magenta lines
April 16 2021 | Cloud Services

How to make your cloud migration work

A round-table with T-Systems and Microsoft has revealed three key steps to a successful and fast migration

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