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Whether it's AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Open Telekom Cloud, or vCloud: we bring you into the cloud and manage your IT and cloud infrastructure

Build future-proof cloud infrastructures

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, private, public, or a combination of these? Alongside its own private cloud and the Open Telekom Cloud, T-Systems can offer you the whole world of cloud computing. We manage your cloud services in our own high-security data centers and support you in managing the cloud services of other providers. Or take the step with us into hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructures and bring the best of everything together.

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In principle, it's the same old story: how can I operate IT in my company more efficiently? IT departments have been asking this question since before cloud computing existed. Reducing the costs for hardware, software, maintenance, and operation has always been on the agenda. So what has changed? Digital transformation, the considerably faster pace of business, expectations of quality, and the new role of IT are putting more pressure on IT departments than ever before. In addition to this, IT infrastructure has developed into such a complex beast over the past few decades that its operation overtakes any budget for innovation.

So what to do? How do you reduce complexity and become more flexible and agile? The closest option lies in the cloud, which promises to answer these demands and desires. But using the cloud to achieve this is not quite as simple as clicking a button. Also, the collaboration of public and private cloud services must be carried out strategically in the form of a hybrid or multi-cloud. Otherwise you are just outsourcing the complexity.

T-Systems has decades of experience in the development and operation of IT environments. Both in the conventional world and in cloud computing. Our experts contribute specialist knowledge of platforms, migration, and management and with our quality promise, Zero Outage, we ensure very high availability.

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