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A smooth migration to AWS

Experience and systematic procedure for a successful migration on a grand scale

White paper: AWS Migration

Successfully switching to AWS

Operating workloads on AWS increases business agility as well as flexibility and reduces operating costs. The migration of productive systems into AWS, however, presents challenges. Only once these have been overcome will the advantages of a cloud environment be fully exploited. As a partner of AWS, T-Systems supports companies with the migration and operation of systems across the entire life cycle of applications.

Best practices for AWS

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Together with AWS, we have developed key factors and a series of standard methods for a successful IT switchover. We use this as best practice for various migration scenarios from the migration of small individual applications to the migration of entire computing centers with hundreds of applications. Our migration process builds upon a balance between business and technical requirements. We identify the most important business requirements and use this as the basis for creating the strategy for planning and implementing a cloud migration.

Framework for the AWS migration

A predefined framework simplifies the migration to AWS. During the start-up phase, T-Systems supports the company with standardized assessments and with the setup of a cloud center of excellence. The design of the business case and the migration plan is carried out taking into account the governance and security requirements. In the execution phase, several cloud migration factory teams (CMF) work in scrum sprints to migrate the defined applications. In the continuous improvement phase, T-Systems supports companies with rightsizing, cost management and operational improvements.

Creating a system analysis and a cost plan

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Then you need to decide which systems will be migrated. To do this, as a first step, we take you through a free migration readiness assessment (MRA). During several days of workshops, we define which systems are suitable for migrating into the AWS cloud. Based on the results, we create a report with you that will highlight the expected total cost of ownership (TCO) for the migration as well as the later operation in the cloud. Based on the assessment results and the TCO report, you will decide which systems you would like to migrate.

E-book: The T-Systems Migration Factory

We simplify your transition to AWS cloud. Discover all about our cloud migration approach and expertise.

Creating a migration plan and preparing for migration

In the mobilization phase, together with you, we determine the work packages defined by the MRA, clarify open issues and develop an implementation concept. These preparations for the migration lay the foundation for the cloud migration factory. Among other things, this includes the definition of the landing zone, business cases, the migration plan, the operation model as well as security and compliance aspects.

Migrating and managing systems

Once the migration plan is in place, we will work with you to migrate the systems and data into the AWS cloud. After this, you will either take on the operation yourself or we will operate the systems in the cloud on your behalf. After the successful transition, this also includes the optimization proposals for setting up the operation more efficiently and possibly allowing cost savings to be made.

Ensure a smooth migration

The migration of IT systems into AWS requires time and needs experience. Together with AWS, we have created best practices for a smooth transition that we can also use to successfully and securely migrate your systems into AWS.

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