Complete visibility and new opportunities for complex application landscapes

Today’s IT application landscapes are more complex than ever. It is not unknown for major corporations to have up to 10,000 applications – requiring significant administrative effort.
So it’s no wonder that operations alone account for up to 75 percent of the total IT budget. Experts estimate that one in five applications is redundant: many companies simply do not know that they are operating and providing development services for multiple solutions across numerous sites that essentially model the same business processes.

Taking a critical look at every application

CIOs and IT departments are facing a dilemma. On the one hand, they have to maintain an ever-increasing number of applications and drive service quality. On the other hand, tight budgets and timeframes make it difficult to streamline and enhance the existing IT landscape. Application Management & Modernization boosts flexibility and creates new opportunities. It increases quality of operations and support, while at the same time cutting costs thanks to industrialized application management processes. In addition, T-Systems experts continuously analyze applications and service processes with an eye to optimization, and make concrete proposals for improving the landscape.

Streamlining application landscapes

The results of the assessment shed light on which applications should continue to be operated, and where there is potential for savings. T-Systems experts also analyze whether it makes sense to standardize similar business processes to decrease the number of applications. As each existing software solution must be individually maintained and, if necessary, enhanced, this move can bring about significant savings. And it’s a good idea to carefully prepare processes and applications before embarking on the cloud journey.

How does my enterprise stand to benefit from Application Management & Modernization?

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