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Zero tolerance for IT faults

Things do not always go to plan when introducing new IT systems or upgrading current systems. Testing is the only reliable way to verify the quality of software and guarantee a smooth go-live.
IT downtime is a serious, and costly, matter: meaning lost orders, delays to urgent tasks, and significant damage to brand equity. These negative impacts can be avoided – by testing software before it goes live. Consideration needs to be given to all aspects of functionality and operation, with a keen understanding of both technology and business, for example in order to safeguard entire processes. The T-Systems offering is comprehensive in nature, encompassing consulting, management of the tests themselves and of the test infrastructure, and the implementation and operation of a dedicated Test & Integration Center (TIC). Solutions comprise the planning, preparation and execution of customer-specific tests. And all T-Systems professionals responsible for these tasks have been certified to ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board) standards.

Standardized quality-assurance methods

Standardized methods are employed for all phases. For example, they are applied to verify inter-system compatibility and end-to-end IT support for business processes. Load and performance tests ensure reliable system availability even under extreme conditions. As a result, T-Systems can minimize the operational risk associated with changes to the IT landscape such as migration, technology and architecture transformation, the introduction of SAP software, upgrades, or the deployment of extended functionality. For example, T-Systems generally employs automated methods for testing SAP systems, achieving savings of up to 70 percent in comparison to conventional approaches.
Moreover, Testing Services from T-Systems are independent, helping companies to fulfill compliance requirements, such as Basel II and SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley Act).

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