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Dynamic IT – the right IT resources at all times: highly scalable, fully flexible and absolutely secure.

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Dynamic IT enables companies to grow profitably and sustainably into new markets and to expand existing business areas, deploying their budgets cost-effectively as needed. Their specialist departments have access to the IT resources they need anytime, from infrastructure to application operations, whether in their own data centers or at T-Systems.

Uncompromising speed – this is Dynamic IT

„T-Systems’ local presence and cloud consulting skills are unique in the market. Customers also benefit from the provider’s optimum end-to-end, one-stop shop operations.“
Experton Group; Cloud Vendor Benchmark June 2014, p. 112
Today, companies need to be able to respond quickly and flexibly to market developments. Specialist departments crave agile mobile applications, ease of use and rapid accessibility. Their IT departments face the challenge of providing easily scalable IT with dynamic, high-quality IT resources. This is a perfect scenario for Dynamic IT. It can deploy business applications within an hour partly, provides standardized, preconfigured databases and the matching middleware and offers flexible and dynamically scalable infrastructure resources.
Dynamic IT resources are future-proof and deployable on demand, from individual standard modules to full application stacks. They provide product features that meet modern demands and standardized transformation paths to migrate infrastructure to the cloud. All based on certified Zero Outage quality compliant with German data privacy and data security laws, which are among the strictest in the world. With its modular IT resources, Dynamic IT also provides end-to-end support for transformation projects, from the redesign of individual processes to the transformation of entire IT landscapes. As such, Dynamic IT is a building block for the quick, straightforward implementation of new, digitized business processes – based on dynamic IT resources that make enterprises more flexible.

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Standards that adapt to your company

With Dynamic IT, T-Systems offers a single bundle with everything that belongs together and interacts within companies: the dynamic operation of applications, databases and middleware (web servers, application servers) and dynamic infrastructure hosting. T-Systems applies its comprehensive expertise in running horizontal applications e.g. SharePoint and Enterprise Search, as well as industry-specific applications such as PLM.

Using business apps in the cloud – say goodbye to shadow IT

With its Dynamic IT services, T-Systems supports its customers' IT departments in deploying new applications throughout the company quickly and flexibly. As a result, specialist departments never have to even consider going it alone and using other external cloud services. T-Systems has developed the Cloud Integration Center as a private cloud solution for the automated deployment of standardized cloud services. Applications, database and middleware services can be all configured and delivered from the Cloud Integration Center portal. This approach gives companies manifold benefits, including cloud-based managed service, stable application operation with guaranteed SLAs, reduced costs for application life cycle management and high data security compliant with German standards.
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