Mit SAP HANA bietet T-Systems Unternehmen eine sichere In-Memory-Lösung, die bestens in bestehendes SAP ERP zu integrieren ist.

Dynamic Services for SAP HANA®

Big-data decisions in real-time

  •  Faster introduction of real-time business
  • Cloud benefits—use the very latest in-memory technologies without the need to operate them yourself
  • Using SAP HANA® without any major internal investment
  • Perfectly scalable in line with requirements whilst ensuring maximum security
  • Solutions for test and standard operation: Development environment can be tested for three months without any licensing costs
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In-memory solutions from a secure cloud

The constant increase in volumes of data is a real challenge for companies and stretches their IT systems to the limit. Furthermore, specialist departments are always pressing for new applications. Given the competitive nature of digitization, they want to be able to benchmark their distribution channels in real-time, for example, whilst at the same time be able to quickly submit personalized offers to customers in real-time as well. In short, the work involved needs to be done quicker.

Competitive advantages through real-time analytics

However there is a solution for this, namely the in-memory solution SAP HANA®. In business, companies have a significant competitive edge if decisions can be taken on a real-time basis instead of on historical data or aggregates from OLAP systems. This is facilitated by SAP HANA® as a turbo in-memory database.
As a result, data right down to the individual postings and transactions can be called in real-time, instead of merely based on pre-defined data. According to research by Forrester, IT operating costs are therefore reduced on average by 37 percent, combined with increased performance at the same time for development projects and system maintenance activities.
Dynamic Services for SAP HANA® from T-Systems makes these technologies available as standardized, industrialized and integrated solution elements. They are aligned with the cloud services provided by T-Systems, thus offering simpler access to SAP HANA® technologies. At the same time, companies can also make the most of the advantages associated with the cloud solution: they are able to use the infrastructures without having to operate them themselves, and are then billed based on the respective consumption value, which is a better alternative to in-house operation.

With T-Systems Jump Start a rapid entry to real-time business

Companies wishing to develop and evaluate initial application scenarios can resort to T-Systems’ Jump Start on SAP HANA®. This enables quick access to real-time business transformation using SAP HANA® and also offers an end-to-end package, ranging from the development of initial scenarios through to testing as part of feasibility studies using company-specific data and scenarios in the separate SAP environment. This allows companies to understand and evaluate innovations like S/4 HANA and SAP Fiori Apps, and therefore gain quick access to real-time business, too.
All solutions are developed together with SAP, and T-Systems already operates certified SAP HANA® installations for a number of SAP corporate customers operating in a variety of sectors. Dynamic Services for SAP HANA® benefit from constantly updated security solutions from T-Systems’ data centers, offering the maximum possible levels of data security and data privacy. If required, customer systems are mirrored in the secure twin-core data centers (99.7% availability at system level, up to 99.9% availability at platform level).
Our Un-outsourcer offering
Dynamic Services for SAP HANA® with Run-On-Satisfaction

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T-Systems Jump Start on SAP HANA®
A rapid entry to real-time business

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"With over 40 million SAPS and more than 2.6 million productive SAP users, T-Systems provides the basic operation and the world's largest cloud hosting platform for SAP environments." 
PAC 2015

In-memory technology made ​​easy

  • Manage exploding volumes of data
  • Have complexity and interfaces under control
  • Optimize business processes, act data-driven
  • Evaluate and test SAP HANA® with the Developer Edition without own major investments
  • T-Systems Dynamic Services for SAP HANA® with pay-per-use pricing model
  • Optimized operating costs through outsourcing of data in nearline storage
  • Simple linking with ERP systems, SAP / Non - SAP applications
  • Secure Private Cloud Solution with VPN / MPLS connection
  • Worldwide availability of Dynamic-Services-platform for SAP HANA®
  • Reliable high availability of critical IT environments
  • Highest quality in dealing with SAP applications through pre-defined service classes
  • Privacy and Data Security Made in Germany
  • Quickly available SAP HANA® development environment (Linux operating system)
  • Cheap Pay-per-use pricing model
  • Easy integration with Dynamic-Services-control mode

Technical specifications

  • Workflow tool for automated provisioning and installation of in-memory based Applications
  • Continuous modernization of implemented Rapid Deployment solution packages
  • Upgrade Application & in-memory Releases
  • Flexible ScaleOut services for In - Memory Management of New Business Analytics Applications
  • Services ITIL Compliant (IT Infrastructure Library)
  • Working in accordance with the " Run SAP " methodology

Dynamic Services Platform

Split-second big data analysis and transaction processing
Dynamic Services for SAP HANA®
Dynamic Services for SAP HANA®
The platform combines all the advantages of real-time data processing and the security of a private-cloud solution from T-Systems.

SAP HANA® as a holistic approach

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In business, companies are increasingly turning to SAP HANA® to process large volumes of data in real-time.
T-Systems has brought SAP’s SAP HANA® database strategy into its portfolio. Working in close partnership with SAP, T-Systems has integrated, and operationally implemented, SAP HANA® into Dynamic Services, the dynamic, flexible system for operating SAP ERP from T-Systems' secure private cloud. SAP ERP customers who are now testing the SAP HANA® platform and are able to use it on an ongoing basis are the ones who will benefit from this.

High-performance solutions that are also cost-effective

In order to be able to use in-memory computing productively within standard operations, T-Systems has enabled SAP HANA® to be integrated onto the Dynamic Services platform, linked directly to your applications, and fully managed by T-Systems. In other words, you enjoy all the advantages of SAP HANA® real-time data processing and the security of a private cloud solution from T-Systems. What is more, less-critical data that does not need to be available in real-time can also be transferred in a cost-effective manner to hard disk drives as part of a nearline storage concept. Thanks to this combination with Dynamic Services for SAP HANA®, T-Systems allows you to operate high-performance in-memory solutions from a secure cloud in a cost-effective manner.
In addition, existing and well-proven migration strategies allow existing SAP ERP systems and SAP/non-SAP applications to be linked with ease.

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