SAP systems need to be able to respond dynamically to market requirements. T-Systems offers a fitting solution from the cloud.

Dynamic Services for SAP solutions from the cloud

SAP operations: Highly secure, cost-transparent and powerful

  • Operation of SAP systems in the form of standardized, automated and virtualized resources
  • Companies generate scales of economy
  • Minimizes the risk of system failure
  • Maximum cloud security
  • Lowers operating costs by up to 30 percent

Digitization with SAP from the cloud

Market cycles are getting shorter and companies need to make critical business decisions more quickly: real-time processes is the buzzword here. However, that often means that companies need to modify their SAP landscape. Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions now provide companies with systems and services from the cloud at short notice and in line with their current needs – ensuring high availability, low costs and maximum security.
As a result, companies are able to generate scales of economy and lower their costs. Simplified processes with Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions minimize the risk of system failure. Customers can add and cancel servers automatically as needed. Pooling resources means considerably lower operating costs compared to traditional operating models.

Up to 30 percent lower operating costs

Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions also lowers operating costs by up to 30 percent because companies no longer need to maintain extra capacity to cover peak loads. So companies only have to pay for the resources they actually use. This tailored form of billing minimizes investment risks. T-Systems and SAP are also working on innovations like Dynamic Services for SAP HANA® or Mobile Solutions. New deployment models transfer the solutions either to the public cloud or to a combination of private and public cloud. This makes SAP operation easier and even more cost-effective and yet it remains secure.

Uncompromising security and quality

Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions benefit from constantly updated security solutions from T-Systems’ data centers, offering the maximum possible levels of data security and data privacy. If required, customer systems are mirrored in the secure twin-core data centers (99.7% availability at system level, up to 99.9% availability at platform level).
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Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions with Run-On-Satisfaction

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Why Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions is the best solution for your company

  • Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions are flexible and scalable in terms of infrastructure, performance, and preferred operating model
  • Reduces the complexity of the SAP application environment; we use highly automated standard components
  • Workflow tool for automatic provisioning
  • Ideal resource capacity utilization (use of IT resources as soon as you order them) through Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions based on business requirements
  • Reduced financial risk involved in operating an SAP landscape
  • Significant scales of economy thanks to highly standardized resource provision
  • Invoiced based on actual use
  • Resources can be added to cover peak loads and then canceled during slower phases
  • Operating costs reduced by up to 30 percent (with Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions)
  • Capital becomes available for new investments (capex vs. opex)
  • Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions is available worldwide in consistently high quality
  • Five pre-defined service levels guarantee the highest quality in working with SAP applications
  • Customer systems mirrored at twin core data centers
  • Services are in conformity with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) and supported by the Run SAP method
  • Worldwide more than 3,900 experts in the areas of SAP Basis and application management & modernization


Logo Jenoptik
The SAP system at the Jenoptik photonics group faces various challenges including globally distributed sites, a number of sensitive products and a high level of market dynamism.

The customer

  • Globally active, world leading photonics company with a workforce of 3,500 employees
  • Presence in more than 80 countries
  • Business foundation: optical technologies in the three segments Optics & Life Science, Mobility and Defense Civil Systems
  • Key growth factors: internationalization, orientation towards markets and megatrends, and acquisitions

The task

  • Transfer of SAP outsourcing contract to T-Systems in 2013
  • Stronger positioning for an ERP consolidation project for Jenoptik
  • Monthly management and elimination of the SAP capacities
  • 2015: Consolidation of SAP services for contract extension
  • Use of the most up-tp-date dynamic platform as of 2016
  • Specified restoration of systems in the event of a catastrophe
  • Innovation due to setup for dynamic SAP HANA® operation

The solution

  • Long-term “Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions” contract on latest platform release
  • Provision of 87,680 SAPS, including for HCM, ERP, CRM, ADS and GTS
  • Disaster recovery solution with synchronous mirroring in the twin-core data center
  • DR systems: 99.7 per cent availability
  • Conversion from Oracle to Sybase ASE
  • Setting up a Business Warehouse system (BW) on SAP HANA®
  • Follow-up topics to extend main contract, for example proof of concept for SAP HANA® scenario including testing Simple Finance (S4HANA Suite)

Benefits for the customer

  • Stability, flexibility, availability and scalability of the dynamic services
  • Provision as required
  • Transparency due to billing using the pay-per-use pricing model
  • No investments in own hardware
  • Data protection compliant with German law
  • Personal support ensures rapid adjustments
  • Technological advance thanks to latest platform release allows rapid innovation, for example the use of SAP HANA® and implementation of Industry 4.0 solutions

Technical specifications

  • 3-tier SAP system landscape (ERP ECC, CRM, BI), SAP Basis operations
  • Solution Manager
  • Private cloud infrastructure
  • Infrastructure operations, operation management, service management
  • 24/7 service, support language: English and German
  • Platform: Linux 64 bit (Unix optional)
  • Intel x86 technology
  • ABAP Stack, Unicode
  • Customer firewall
  • Databases: Oracle, DB2, MaxDB, Sybase ASE
  • WAN connection of the T-Systems data center to the customer's MPLS (DC network backbone 9 Mbit)
  • SAP standard interfaces
Analysts recommend T-Systems SAP Services
According to PAC, T-Systems is the leading provider of SAP Solutions in Germany. 


Expertise in cloud-based SAP systems

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How do I transform my company to make it part of the digital world? Companies ask questions like this in relation to their SAP system. This version of cloud-based operation using SAP business software helps to speed up the time-to-market. As a result, companies are able to introduce innovations to the market quicker, which is an essential factor for any digital transformation and guarantees stable revenue. So SAP systems need to meet new requirements in a world in which business processes are not only moving at an ever faster pace, but are increasingly linked to IT as well.
T-Systems is able to meet these requirements with its Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions. Many different corporate groups and SMEs have placed their trust in this operating model for many years now. T-Systems operates the largest SAP cloud in the world and has already been recognized by PAC as a leader in the category “SAP Hosting” for many years, too. The company based in Germany is not just the largest provider within the “SAP Hosting” category, but is also one of the very best according to PAC. Indeed, T-Systems was rated significantly above average in seven out of eight fields of expertise with regard to its approach for the SAP system of the future.

Numerous benefits for companies

There are numerous benefits that a company derives from this offer for its SAP landscape: It leads to to a rapid and tailored adaptation of resources in the live SAP operation. The company receives capacities tailored to the respective business requirements; resources can be moved up or down as required for new projects, sudden peak loads or upgrades that become due. However, Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions also entails increased user satisfaction due to the smooth functioning of process modeling. The company can simply outsource the operation and maintenance of the system environments, and it can also rely on German data privacy and data protection measures for its SAP system.
Ultimately, the SAP system in the form of Dynamic Services for SAP Solutions is merely billed according to the actual capacity provided. As a result, the total cost of ownership for the SAP system can be reduced by up to 30 percent.

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