Outddor Analytics with Motionlogic

Analyze movement and traffic flows

Outdoor Analytics with Motionlogic

  • Movement and traffic flows based on anonymized signaling data from Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network
  • High data security in line with German data protection standards
  • For retail, public, transport and outdoor advertisement industries
  • Quick and easy to use
Information on the company

Motionlogic Outdoor Analytics

Successful business strategies, sustainable city development or efficient advertising measures – valuable information about movement and traffic flows of potential target groups play a decisive role for a company’s success. Until now, the following questions could only be answered through time-consuming manual counts and in retrospect:
  • Who are my visitors, where do they come from and how long do they stay?
  • Which locations have the highest numbers of potential customers?
  • When and where are public transportation or traffic arteries at their busiest, and caused by which target group?
  • What is the best place for my billboard?
  • When shall I advertise which products?
Thanks to Motionlogic Outdoor Analytics solution by T-Systems these answers are only one click away.
Motionlogic analyzes movement and traffic flows in public areas – in pedestrian zones, on the road or in local traffic – based on anonymized signaling data from Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network. The combination of Outdoor Analytics and socio-demographic data – like gender, age group and catchment area – enables a variety of different applications. Almost in real-time. Access to appropriate Outdoor Analytics is granted at any time via web-based dashboard, direct data download or via automated data interface, so new findings or optimization potentials for businesses can be derived. This data underlies the highest level of data protection. Personal or traceable data never exit the highly secure data center. Only anonymized statistical evaluations are used. 
Motionlogic for transport and public
Motionlogic – data protection compliant analysis of traffic and movement flows.

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Tested security
Motionlogic fulfills the strict provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

The benefits of Motionlogic in terms of...

  • Detailed information for city planning
  • Optimized road and traffic planning  
  • Identification of emerging regions 
  • Tourist information
  • Support for emergency services
  • Improved civil protection
  • Specific information about traffic volume and speed
  • Traffic jam identification
  • Optimization of route planning and commuter traffic
  • More precise determination of train and bus traffic load
  • Analysis of "first and last mile" within passenger transport
  • Value-share analysis for transport associations
  • Better comparability of different locations
  • Consistent performance measurement of advertising material
  • More targeted advertisement by analysis of catchment areas, advertising area planning and penetration analysis
  • New pricing models
  • Precise information about customer numbers and origin
  • Measurement of conversion rates
  • Evaluation of marketing campaigns
  • Capturing of customer churn
  • Competitive comparison
  • Location assessment
Use Cases
The diversity of advertising constantly opens new opportunities to reach existing and new customers. Promotional advertising is still one of the most popular ways. But where do the customers come from and which road leads in this case “to Rome”?
The desired effect can only be achieved by correctly addressing advertisement. Motionlogic provides valuable information for the outdoor advertising area, makes your advertising campaigns more effective and optimizes used budget.
You will clearly benefit from knowing about your customers’ origin. Do your customers live in surrounding districts or far off? Which way is most commonly used and are billboards positioned on this way?
Especially the performance of advertising pillars and billboards can be optimized by analyzing movement directions and speed. This particularly applies to digital advertising media, which enable an optimal customer approach by socio-demographically segmenting each location and time period. Furthermore, analysis of long-term data helps to compare advertising spaces in the public area. Motionlogic supports your whole advertising campaign and optimizes your advertising budget.  
Usage and capacity of machines at train stations and public areas do not only vary with seasons but also with local changes such as alternative sources, big events and environmental changes.
The data of Motionlogic help you to find the reason if demands for certain products are dropping. The combination of mobile data, geo-data and socio demographics tells whether the target group stays at the POS and which target group had not been considered so far.
An easy but specific adjustment of the product proposal to the particular target group raises the possibility for sales increase. The up-to-dateness of movement data increases the efficiency when planning and simultaneously enables optimized maintenance time, so maintenance will only be done while there’s little customer traffic. Regular analysis and gained knowledge enable new possibilities to react on upcoming events or holidays individually.  

Technical specifications

  • Analysis with Motionlogic is based on anonymized signal data from DT’s mobile network. 
  • Result values are summarized in statistical analyses.
  • Individual motion profile is not possible. 
  • Product development took place in close collaboration with the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI) and was controlled and certified by external test centers for data protection. 
  • Data storage and analysis takes place at DT’s highly secure data center.  
  • API interfaces enable direct and secure data integration into existing systems. 

Motionlogic Outdoor Analytics – a flexible solution

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Analyzed data help to create numerous scenarios for applying Outdoor Analytics: From easy evaluation of locations, improved traffic management in local transport systems, over effectiveness studies of advertising media, to improved customer understanding by analyzing travel routes of different target groups. And historical data can also be used to improve security measures at future events or to employ rescue staff more efficiently. 

Everything at a glance

The web-based Outdoor Analytics dashboard by Motionlogic is intuitively controllable and enables selected illustration of analytic information. Apart from several options to visualize data by using charts, maps and table sheets, it also provides a download function.

Anonymization and data protection

Data protection has top priority. Motionlogic Outdoor Analytics works only with already anonymized signal data. Personal data like customer’s name and mobile number are strictly separated from geo-data and removed before usage. Signal data are regularly intersected and summarized in groups. This ensures that it is impossible to create a personal motion profile. Product development took place in close collaboration with the German Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (BfDI) and was controlled and certified by external test centers for data protection.

Target-group-specific analysis

Even though the basis data are anonymized, they can be expanded by allocating socio-demographic parameters such as gender, age-group and catchment area to specific target groups to make Motionlogic Outdoor Analytics even more effective. Combine this with geo-data and one can contrast behavior of men with women from different age groups or recognize travel routes in cities and surrounding areas.
Motionlogic Outdoor Analytics offers valuable information and comprehensive potential to optimize the daily business. The solution is quickly installed, easy to use – and it brings the users even closer to their customers. A trial installation is possible at any time.

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