Predictive maintenance prevents avoidable shutdowns

Greater cost savings through predictive maintenance

A solution for companies of all sizes – standardized, secure and end-to-end

  • Real-time condition monitoring and predictive maintenance
  • Plug-and-play solution for a multitude of verticals
  • Predictive Maintenance starter kit is available at a monthly fixed price
  • Innovative best-of-breed Multi-IoT Service Platform (MISP)
  • Smart data analytics for better business decisions
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Predictive maintenance prevents avoidable shutdowns

When elevators, escalators and construction equipment stand still due to defects, which they do for millions of hours worldwide every year, it's not just an annoyance – it's also expensive. In addition to the resulting loss of business, repair costs can be significant. Predictive maintenance can help. Modern sensor technology, digital connectivity and smart data analytics enable predictive maintenance of all kinds of machinery and devices. According to a study by the World Economic Forum and consulting firm Accenture, it can reduce unplanned downtimes by around 70 percent and cut maintenance costs by nearly 30 percent.
IoT Vendor Benchmark 2017
Competitive strength and portfolio attractiveness of IoT starter kits
A recent survey conducted by PAC on behalf of Deutsche Telekom in September 2016 shows that merely 5 percent of the enterprises surveyed leverage the full potential of IoT. Furthermore, it illustrates that more than half expect cost savings and almost three quarters efficiency gains through the use of IoT solutions in their industry. Hereby 65 percent use external IT providers, especially those with end-to-end competencies and preferably in combination with a plug-and-play solution. This is also confirmed by the latest Experton Vendor Benchmark 2017 for IoT and Industry 4.0. which – for the first time ever – includes a separate category to assess plug-and-play end-to-end IoT solutions. As one of only two providers Deutsche Telekom is listed in the “Leader” quadrant and positively characterized in the trend chart.

All-in-one solution from a single source

T-Systems offers a predictive maintenance solution for companies of all sizes – standardized, secure and end-to-end. From the hardware (IoT gateways and linked sensors) to connectivity (wireless – up to 5G) and the software (dashboards and analytics in near real-time), customers get everything from a single source. The machinery status can be monitored permanently (condition monitoring) and necessary maintenance work can be planned in advance (predictive maintenance) – smart data analytics for better business decisions included.
Predictive Maintenance
Deutsche Telekom provides all components for end-to-end IoT solutions – a 360° service from hardware and connectivity over operations in highly secure data centers to system integration and consulting.

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Technical specifications

  • Plug-and-play starter kit
  • IoT gateway with quad band for optimized reception
  • 3D acceleration sensor for free fall and movement detection
  • Magnetic sensor for theft protection and magnetic switch operation
  • Low-energy Bluetooth module for wireless connection of up to 200 sensors
  • Wired or wireless (induction) charging
  • Logger with sensors for temperature (-20 to +85 degrees Celsius), humidity (0% to 100%)
  • GPS-based location determination

Knowing today what will happen tomorrow – predictive maintenance makes it possible

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More and more companies are counting on predictive maintenance for their construction and manufacturing equipment, elevators, vehicles and other technical devices: in a 2014 study, a quarter of all manufacturing companies were already using real-time analytics and a further 25 percent told the market researchers at IDC that they had specific implementation plans. According to the IDC study, the three most important reasons for using predictive maintenance are better production planning, longer machine runtimes and avoiding unplanned downtimes.
T-Systems makes it incredibly simple to get started with predictive maintenance: The predictive maintenance starter kit contains an IoT gateway, including charger, an IoT sensor logger, two fastening magnets and a "quick start" guide. Simply mount it and you're ready to go. For a monthly fixed price, companies can monitor their machinery status around the clock (condition monitoring) and initiate required maintenance before failures occur (predictive maintenance).
The compact IoT gateway, which is about as big as a matchbox, can connect up to 200 sensors via Bluetooth and then continuously record device data such as position, acceleration and incline. The ambient temperature and humidity can also be measured. The IoT gateway uses its integrated GSM module to transmit the data over Deutsche Telekom's cellular network to the pan-manufacturer Multi-IoT Service Platform (MISP), where it is analyzed in near real-time and displayed graphically in the MISP web portal.
Standardization makes it extremely simple to incorporate this data with existing systems and applications, giving customers an innovative IoT solution for predictive maintenance that integrates seamlessly in their respective business environments. An example: elevator equipment. The predictive maintenance solution from T-Systems permanently collects data on the trips and door movements of connected elevators. Intelligent algorithms analyze this operating data and alert technicians before any breakdowns occur. The benefits: downtimes are avoided, setup times are minimized and personnel assignment is optimized. The T-Systems solution ensures lower costs and more satisfied customers.
Logistics, manufacturing, automotive, energy and many other industry sectors can also benefit from this solution. T-Systems offers predictive maintenance from a single source – from hardware and software to connectivity. Secure, easy to implement and scalable at all times.

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