Un-outsourcer-Angebot: T-Systems revolutioniert die IT-Branche mit Run-on-Satisfaction für höchste Qualität und Flexibilität.

Un- matched quality

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Our Un-outsourcer offering

  • Flexible contracts and high quality:
    attractive conditions for cloud-based SAP services

The new IT flexibility

  • Exceptionally flexible arrangements with shorter contractual terms
  • Run On Satisfaction for new customers: includes right to terminate the contract at short notice following the stability-boosting hypercare phase
  • Quit Anytime for existing customers: includes right to terminate the contract at short notice, without having to give a reason, following migration to the latest Dynamic SAP platform (DCS 3.0)
  • The Zero Outage program: quality judged in terms of success
Many IT outsourcing arrangements entail a rigid, long-term commitment to a single provider – known as vendor lock-in. Often, contracts are crafted to prevent customers from switching to a new provider, even if they are dissatisfied with their current services. In contrast, T-Systems'Un-outsourcer offering redefines flexibility for ICT agreements. Once a new customer has moved to T-Systems, the hypercare phase begins: the production environment is stabilized and defined steps for long-term quality assurance are taken. The length of this period is agreed individually.* Should the customer wish to discontinue the arrangement with T-Systemsat the end of the hypercare phase, they have the right to terminate the contract at short notice.** In addition, T-Systems offers Quit Anytime for existing customers that sign an Un-outsourcer contract and migrate to the latest Dynamic SAP platform. The customer can terminate the contract at short notice, without having to give a reason.**

Available in combination with scalable cloud-based SAP solutions

Currently, Run On Satisfaction and Quit Anytime are available for the following T-Systems’ SAP hosting services: Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions and Dynamic Services for SAP® HANA. With these offerings, SAP systems are provisioned flexibly over the cloud – cutting operating costs by up to 30 percent. In addition, customers benefit from cutting-edge cloud and security technologies, as these services are operated in highly secure, certified data centers in line with exceptionally strict data protection standards.*** Moreover, SAP resources for these solutions can be scaled up and down, for example to meet specific needs in terms of infrastructure, performance and service level.

Flexible contract terms

The same flexibility is also on offer for T-Systems’ hosting services for cloud-based SAP systems – including easy cancellation following the hypercare phase, price transparency, and shorter contractual terms. For customers, Run On Satisfaction and Quit Anytime translate into maximum flexibility and total independence compared to conventional IT outsourcing contracts. Moreover, it offers peace of mind – thanks to T-Systems’ proven high-quality services.
* approx. 3-6 months after migration; ** 4-week notice period for Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions, 3-month notice period for Dynamic Services for SAP® HANA – to terminate at month end, if the customer does not request a contract termination project; ***T-Systems currently provisions standardized Dynamic SAP/SAP HANA services based on DCS 3.0 from data centers in Munich, Frankfurt, Magdeburg, Houston and Singapore. Customers are directly connected to these sites.
"T-Systems attracts clients with German-grade quality and security."
TBR Event Report

"Providing quality service and four years of Zero Outage in SAP, in which people, processes and platforms are dedicated and permanently improved, will support T-Systems’ ability to attract customers for the un-outsourcer model."
TBR Event perspective: T-Systems attracts clients with German-grade quality and security

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Greater quality for greater satisfaction

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The basis for the Run On Satisfaction model is the quality of the provided services – Dynamic Services for SAP® Solutions and Dynamic Services for SAP® HANA – measured not in terms of service level agreements (SLAs), but in terms of their success. And T-Systems is able to undertake this commitment with confidence – as it can draw on more than ten years’ successful hands-on experience of IT transformation and migration, a comprehensive ICT skill set, and a profound understanding of customer industries – plus its unique Zero Outage quality assurance program.

Our promise of quality

In 2011, T-Systems launched its Zero Outage program, promoting a culture centered on minimizing downtime. The program has been certified by TÜV Rheinland*, and encompasses extensive mechanisms for effective ICT quality assurance regarding IT outsourcing, including:
  • Highly secure twin-core data centers for maximum availability
  • Proven methodology for proactive risk management
  • Regular employee and supplier certification
  • A global Manager-on-duty (MoD) service, with rapid responsiveness and direct involvement of senior executives

T-Systems’ zero-outage strategy features new, highly flexible contract terms within the scope of its Un-outsourcer offering. Why not end vendor lock-in with T-Systems? 

*TÜV Rheinland ist an independent German provider of technical services for testing, inspection, certification.