Advanced Cyber Defense by Telekom

Defense against cybercrime as a cyber security service

Information on the company
Cyber saboteurs are increasingly zeroing in on indispensable value-creation processes. This development in cybercrime is forcing companies of all sizes to whip their cyber security strategies into shape.
At the World Economic Forum in Davos in January 2014, McKinsey estimated the global cost of cyber crime to be as much as three trillion US dollars by 2020. Industrial spies, commissioned by competitors and states, target key know-how upon which businesses build their market positions. The ever-improving quality of cyber attacks is proving a real headache for company cyber security experts. Even major companies are barely able to keep on top of the huge range of threats posed by cybercrime single-handedly.
Cyber security management in real time
  • Resolution of individual security incidents, digital forensics, analysis of malicious software and reconstruction of procedures by expert teams (IT forensics)
  • Remote or on-site assistance with security incidents within the agreed response time
  • Analysis of open sources and information exchange with ICT product manufacturers, security organizations and external CERTs
  • Hosting and operation of all systems on which the Cyber Defense Center bases its work.
  • Remote or on-site assistance with security incidents within the agreed response time
  • Guaranteed availability of security experts
  • Clarification of individual security incidents (IT forensics)
  • Adjustment of rules and procedures to new modes of attacks
  • Audit cyber defense through penetration testings

Establishing cyber security as intelligent security management

Companies that don't adapt their cyber detection and response capabilities to this threat constantly lag behind the complex and targeted attacks. To free themselves from this risky and frustrating cycle of playing "catch-up," companies need to construct an intelligent security management system that links information from a range of data sources and analyzes it in real time. The goal of this proactive approach is not only to protect the company from known attacks, but also to identify unknown attacks and quickly initiate countermeasures.

Cyber security partnership with RSA

"Small companies are often not aware of how coveted their products are."
Michael Feiler from the Bavarian Office for the Protection of the Constitution
T-Systems provides Advanced Cyber Defense services to help implement this anti-cybercrime tactic. These services bring together the expertise of T-Systems and RSA, a subsidiary of EMC specializing in IT security. RSA's intelligence-driven security strategy is based on the central merging and analysis of all security-relevant information from networks and applications. Data sources might be early-warning systems owned by the company, for example.

Cybersecurity for SMEs

9 out of 10 companies had already been the traget of a cyber attack.
Only a very small number of small and medium-sized enterprises have the resources to set up and maintain a modern, comprehensive security architecture. As a rule, individual solutions by various manufacturers are employed for sub-sections of IT security: Firewalls, virus scanners and intrusion prevention systems have various management systems and security reports must be laboriously generated from various sources. In contrast to this, the "Cyber Defense for SMEs" service by Telekom reduces both costs and complexity. Based on the Unified Security Management (USM) platform of worldwide renowned manufacturer AlienVault, Telekom has put together a comprehensive offer whose central component is made available and operated in secure Telekom data centers or on site at the customer's premises. More information as well as a demo version are available on the website of AlienVault.

Cyber security for major international companies

Advanced Cyber Defense services from T-Systems are tailored to meet the security requirements of multinational corporations. They cover a cybercrime spectrum from threat awareness to incident management. The centerpiece of ACD is the Next Generation Security Operations Center – NG SOC for short. This is where cyber security experts collate information on all relevant attack scenarios. They identify which company assets need protection, how much protection they need, and pinpoint ICT system vulnerabilities, including those that have already been exploited. The cyber security experts also illuminate the motives, methods and tools of potential hackers. In doing so, they can identify relevant scenarios before they are put into action.
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