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Digitalization of systems and processes is at the top of the agenda for companies worldwide. Cloud computing enables more dynamic business processes as well as fast, low-risk implementation of new business ideas. Virtual IT infrastructure resources provided as Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) form the foundation for this.​​​​​​​
This is exactly where Dynamic Services for Infrastructure with vCloud – or DSI vCloud for short – come into play. DSI vCloud is a highly secure, hybrid IaaS offer which allows companies to expand their infrastructure capacities with virtual data centers based on VMware technology in line with their needs. The advantage: End-users won't even notice whether they are working with their own resources or with cloud-based resources. For IT, VMware front-ends and tools provide the basis for easy, fast implementation since they are often in use in data centers. In addition, DSI vCloud has a wide implementation range, e.g. for testing and development in production environments. Moreover, DSI vCloud supports both traditional applications as well as next-generation apps.
Benefits for ...
  • Covering short-term need
    When companies develop and operate applications themselves, need more capacity for important strategic projects or want to balance out peak loads, a self-service portal is available for booking capacity – virtual machines can be ordered and canceled easily and quickly in the DSI vCloud, entirely according to need.
  • Transparent and variable
    With DSI vCloud, virtual servers can seamlessly move between the T-Systems data center and the given company. Flexibly expandable service packets offer the highest degree of transparency.
  • IT security and availability in first place
    DSI vCloud is primarily produced in German twin-core data centers. But the capacity can also be obtained from other international sites. DSI vCloud has an availability of 99.98 percent/p.a, which means the service can also function as a production environment – in addition to the established use scenarios such as testing and development.
    The offer entails backup functions as well as a disaster recovery capabilities, directly addressing increasing requirements regarding data availability and business continuity. The access paths are encrypted; their detailed recording supports security audits and complex compliance requirements.
  • Maximum flexibility
    Applications can be flexibly adapted, e.g. during seasonal business in the web shop or when testing and implementing new business ideas. The infrastructure can be ordered or canceled in the catalog according to needs.
  • Decreasing IT costs
    DSI vCloud is available in various usage versions with various billing models.
  • Services
    Services such as DSI vCloud consulting and DSI vCloud phone support can be ordered optionally and separately.
  • A strong partner
    T-Systems is a leading provider in the data center operations area in Europe.

DSI vCloud: Foundation for dynamic business models

Thanks to flexible provisioning and billing, investment costs are converted into operating costs. This way, new business models can be quickly setup with a minimum of risk using DSI vCloud. If the business idea does not take off as expected the company can quickly decrease its capacities.
The offer is available in various versions:
  • DSI vCloud Basic vDC is the ideal introduction to the cloud for short-term demand in IT infrastructure resources, e.g. for testing and development.Thanks to the pay-as-you-go model billing is usage-dependent.
  • DSI vCloud Committed vDC focuses on plannability and reliability. Predefined configuration packages in various sizes envisage a fixed share of 75 percent of the RAM and 50 percent of the CPU resources. The remaining RAM and CPU resources are flexibly available as so-called "burst" capacities and are billed according to use.
  • DSI vCloud Dedicated vDC exclusively reserves resources for optimal use of operating system licenses. 100 percent of the ordered resources are operated exclusively for the given company and dedicated hardware resources (CPU/RAM) are provided.

With corporate departments into the DSI vCloud

DSI vCloud forms a bridge between IT and business. It allows IT departments to provide suitable short-term solutions for the business units and simultaneously guarantee controlled use of the IaaS. Administrators use the DSI vCloud self-service portal to grant and administer central rights for various departments and projects.

Use Cases

Security and data protection for your IT

Above all, DSI vCloud leaves nothing open when it comes to security. The IaaS offer is based on all-around protected as well as security-certified T-Systems data centers with sites in Germany – and offers the highest possible reliability as well as data protection in accordance with German laws.
How companies benefit from DSI vCloud Datacenter Services
All benefits from DSI vCloud Datacenter Services by T-Systems at a glance.
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