The Internet of Things is making new business models and revenue sources possible for digitized enterprises.

IoT Consulting

Do you have an IoT Strategy for your company?

Not everyone has a clear IoT strategy yet, but many are eager to get started. Our IoT experts can partner with you, review your pain points and business processes, and see how IoT can help you achieve your business goals, cost savings and growth. We don’t only sell our products and services. We provide expertise along with our customer first experience. Let us partner with you and define your IoT strategy - together.
Internet of Things
The corporate world cannot avoid digitization. All experts agree on this – whether they belong to IT, economy or policy. The only open question is how fast this will happen. Yet waiting is not an option: Everything that can be digitized, will be digitized and everything that can be connected, will be connected.

What you will gain from our IoT consulting experience:

  • A partner in your IoT strategy development - we will help design and document a clear IoT strategy for your business
  • Thorough review of your business processes and painpoints A recommendation of end-to-end solutions that would benefit your company, along with transparent pricing
  • Expertise on the IoT marketplace as well as products and services for your Industry, we will help you stay competitive
  • Detailed write-up of your strategy, products and services, and a partner through the implementation process

We have several focus areas for IoT Consulting including Smart Manufacturing, Smart Buildings, Energy Management and Smart Cities.  As an example, many cities are starting their IoT strategy, learning about available products and services and envisioning the future for their citizens.Some are starting small with parking solutions, more intelligent street cameras, led lighting, smart trash cans, and city-wide WiFi hotspots. Other cities are planning for autonomous drivers, fiber optic infrastructure, narrowband, car sharing, smart campuses and hospitals, and utilizing IoT for law enforcement.  Our expertise gives us a deep understanding of these areas and how to apply them to your business, building or city.