Predictive maintenance prevents avoidable shutdowns

Smart Shipment & Asset Monitoring

Smart Shipment & Asset Monitoring

On-demand real-time visibility, tracking and condition monitoring for goods and assets, indoors, outdoors, and in-field.

  • Transport Mode Independent
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Actionable Data & Reporting
  • On-Demand Managed Service
  • Quickly Scalable & Customizable
  • Published API
  • Our Smart Devices
  • Quality Customer Care
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It starts with the Bee

Our end-to-end solution enables enterprise customers to quickly locate items globally, and signals when condition changes occur. 
Real-time intelligence to drive operational efficiences, loss reduction and increase profitability. Our IoT platform, along with our flexible devices, provides a complete to help enterprises work smarter and drive growth.

How it works

Benefits of real-time data

Goods & Assets Monitoring

Indoor, Outdoor, and In-Transit
  • Where exactly is my shipment?
  • Has there been any route deviations?
  • Has my asset been moved to a different zone in my warehouse?
  • Have there been any temperature or humidity changes that could affect my goods?

Operations Planning

Global or Local
  • Optimize supply-chain spending
  • End-to-end visibility
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Robust analytics and reporting
    ... and more

Part of our complete, end-to-end monitoring solution

Bees can be used as a standalone solution or with BeeBeacons, BeeFleet and BeeLock for an end-to-end, fully integrated shipment and asset monitoring solution.
Over 150 top-tier enterprise businesses, around the world, now trust Roambee to provide superior technology and a managed services business model unmatched by the competition. T-Systems provides a highly scalable platform, and offers access to a global infrastructure of highly-secured data centers and cloud solutions from a wide partner ecosystem. Superior award-winning technology, cutting edge devices, a robust reporting platform, and highly secure cloud solutions means that together, T-Systems and Roambee are delivering trusted, end-to-end, IoT solutions featuring real-time visibility, tracking, and condition monitoring of your shipments and assets.

Tech Companies Apply IoT to the Cold Chain

​​​​​​​IT services and consulting company T-Systems was looking for innovative IoT (Internet of Things) partnerships when it met its partner, Roambee, three years ago. The technology company, owned by Deutsche Telekom, was looking for a fresh direction in the IoT space that served its existing customers’ needs. Logistics solutions were a natural fit, and cold chain solutions spoke directly to the needs of several of their enterprise-level customers. Those customers were experiencing loss of goods due to lack of visibility, temperature excursions, serialization challenges, and the need to know and verify independently that specific conditions were met throughout their global supply chain. 
T-Systems found partner Roambee and they began solving those challenges together. Using Roambee's innovative devices and robust platform and analytics, T-Systems added valuable pieces, such as hosting and world-class security, to create an end-to-end solution for its customers. Now, shipments and goods can be monitored throughout the entire supply chain, while making sure that temperature thresholds (along with humidity, light, tilt, altitude, impact shock, and tampering) are monitored and documented. 
“In partnership with Roambee, T-Systems has been able to deliver technology for the cold chain that has significantly reduced costs and improved operational and logistic processes for our valued customers, while showing them additional benefits of IoT technology as applied to their industry,” says Bertus Cilliers, Chief Financial Officer of T-Systems, North America. 
By monitoring shipments in real-time and instantly flagging issues such as temperature excursions, hardware/coolant malfunctions, or deviations from handling protocols, customers can take measures to prevent damage in transit. 
Active tracking through logs and real-time alerts about temperature breaches gives shippers and 3PLs enough of a heads-up to contain problems before the damage is irreparable – making this technology very valuable. In addition to the apparent benefits of using this type of technology, there are less obvious but equally compelling benefits like reducing legal liability, better maintenance of equipment, instant audits and verifications, reduction in delays, reduction in working capital, reduced shipping (and packaging) costs, and reducing damage due to bad handling.