The Internet of Things is making new business models and revenue sources possible for digitized enterprises.

Use Cases for Innovative Technology

Use Cases for Innovative Technology

The Internet of Things is making new business models and revenue sources possible for digitized enterprises.

A complete end-to-end asset monitoring

T-systems provides enterprise companies with an affordable, package level monitoring solution that provides business critical insight into supply chain processes

How it works

Over 150 top-tier enterprise businesses, around the world, now trust Roambee to provide superior technology and a managed services business model unmatched by the competition. T-Systems provides a highly scalable platform, and offers access to a global infrastructure of highly-secured data centers and cloud solutions from a wide partner ecosystem. Superior award-winning technology, cutting edge devices, a robust reporting platform, and highly secure cloud solutions means that together, T-Systems and Roambee are delivering trusted, end-to-end, IoT solutions featuring real-time visibility, tracking, and condition monitoring of your shipments and assets.

Deep visibility with beebeacons

  • Real-time in-transit visbility at the package level
  • Increased chain of custody accountability
  • Safer, more reliable deliveries
  • Better inventory forecast
  • Faster collection of payment
  • More efficient inventory management
  • Mitigate safety risks and losses

Use Cases for Innovative Technology

Shipment in-transit

Bees can be dropped into or affixed to a pallet or cargo container and act as a hotspot for gathering data. BeeBeacons are attached to individual packages or items within the shipment giving full visibility, down to the package level, and helping to ensure safe delivery of all items.

Warehouse inventory

Bee devices can be used to create virtual zones within a warehouse facility. Affix BeeBeacons to individual goods and assets and always know what items you have in stock, as well as their locations and usage status.

Returns management

Consumer goods can be tagged with BeeBeacons for tracking throughout the entire return process - from store to returns processing center to manufacturer, increasing chain of custody accountability and ensuring all individual items, within a large shipment, reach their destination.

Yard management

Heavy equipment is tagged with BeeBeacons and Bees are affixed at entry/exit gates in open yards, or in specific areas to create zones in a closed yard. The location and status of tagged equipment is monitored, making it easy to locate equipment quickly and easily keep track of equipment usage status.