The Internet of Things is making new business models and revenue sources possible for digitized enterprises.

Video Analytics

Data and Analytics, from Video Intelligence, Powers Security

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition (LPR) allows our Customers to know who is entering their parking lots on campuses, at stadiums, at corporations, ports, airports, and job sites. In partnership with Vigilant Solutions, T-Systems is providing essential, intelligent data used for security, ban lists, and even marketing.  With one of the largest LPR / ANPR data-sharing initiatives in the world – over 4 billion records, our Customers are easily able to harness the powerful data provided by LPR and recognize real results while providing state of the art security.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition brings what used to be dream technology to the real world and we use it to provide our Customers with the best technology available for securing their sites. Our Facial Recognition tool, powered by Vigilant Solutions, provides preprocessing capabilities and analyzes faces to convert images, both high and poor quality, into suitable probe images for searching.  Our Customers can then compare their images against our gallery, which currently houses over 15 million images.  Start developing lists of VIPS, banned fans, employees with specialized access to restricted areas, visiting drivers, customers, the uses are endless.
Using Video Analytics, we are able to tailor solutions for our Customers based on their individual use cases and show them how this powerful technology can improve their business, processes, customer experiences, and so much more.  Contact us today for your Video Analytics information session.