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Advanced Cyber Defence Services

Cyber Resilience in South Africa

The New Normal

The Covid-19 lockdown resulted in more employees working remotely using less secure devices and networks which further exacerbated the already significant threat. This is likely to become the new normal and while the initial focus was on access and productivity, we now have to address the long term sustainability and security aspects.

Next generation technology like Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced threat hunting can greatly assist but less than 15% of corporations in South Africa has this deployed. More often than not affordability and the skills gap is cited as prohibiting factors.

Do you have the security professionals that can respond and remediate? We do. Learn more about our agile Cyber Defence Center in the video.

Zero Impact Cyber Security

Are you prepared for the post COVID-19 threat landscape?

A pandemic is not the only threat facing your business.

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