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40% of most corporate’s infrastructure is considered as non-critical load

Operating from a lowest cost in the market as a self-service platform with no contracts. A public cloud platform where data resides in country.


m2cloud is an OpenStack-based, Public Cloud Offering. Aimed at organization or individuals that are comfortable with a self-managed environment in the Public cloud.

Offer includes:

  • Per design it is a low cost focus, and structured as a self-service platform
  • Provisioned from large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources
  • Implemented across two different data centers
  • Payfast® integration for easy payment of consumed resources

Customer benefits

•    Lowest cost cloud option 
•    No minimums or contracts 
•    Self-Service Portal 

  • Support Dual DC
  • Configuration
  • Consumption based billing model
  • Open Standards, no vendor lock in
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Cloud platform services accessible via API
  • Backup as a Service
  • Ability to run GPU workloads 
  • Platform integrated Container-as-a-Service (kubernetes) 
  • Offers integration into world-class 3rd party orchestration toolsets .e.g. juju  

Open to explore

m2cloud: simple, self-managed cloud

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