Connecting Vehicles, Manufacturers, Suppliers, Customers, etc.

Big Data in the Automotive Industry

The global trend toward more environmentally friendly mobility, to alternative drive systems and new material concepts demands everything engineers can give. 3D printing technology with additive methods, for example, enables tremendous time and cost savings in prototyping. In particular, the connection of cars, drivers, manufacturers, suppliers, repair shops and transport infrastructure is setting a rapid pace for perceptible innovations over the entire product life cycle.
Rajan Padayachee

Head of Sales

Connected Car Solutions

  • Rapidly growing demand for online services.
  • Incongruent life cycles of vehicles and mobile devices.
  • Aggregation of mobility services and development of business models with content providers.
  • Cloud operation and handling of consumer processes.
  • M2M and Broadband Connectivity incl. Hardware
  • Car Cloud Infrastructure and Operations
  • Backend Integration of Telematics Services
  • End-to-End Services
  • New revenue sources in aftersales due to proactive and direct consumer contact
  • Continuous product improvement due to permanent consumer feedback
  • Process optimization and cost reduction in fleet management and logistics
  • Connectivity (best network), cloud infrastructure and telematics services from a single source 

Video: Connected Car Overview

Connected Car