Sales and Aftersales Solutions

Seamlessly positive and profitable interaction

  • SaaS plattform for digital sales and aftersales activities
  • Ernhances service process due to increased mobility and interactivity
  • Customized offerings for individual customer requirements
  • Efficient lead generation – even outside business hours
  • Maximum transparency for customers and dealers
Rajan Padayachee

Head of Sales

Sales and Aftersales

  • Manage the change towards multi channel sales for new and used cars, spare parts and service.
  • Use social media, digital signage, mobile apps etc. to create an ubiquitous customer experience.
  • Successful automotive retail business  with flexible and innovative solutions in fast changing and uncertain markets.
  • Realize cost efficient service processes  and maintain high customer satisfaction.
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Sales and Order Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Service Management
  • Dealer Management (Automotive Retail) MES, Manufacturing Process Intelligence, APRiSO
  • Increased revenues through a customer-oriented, proactive approach to selling.
  • Satisfied customers through excellent service processes.
  • Increased customer loyalty throughout the product life cycle.
  • Efficient End-2-End automotive retail processes.   

Customer Experience Management Automotive Benefits

  • Knowing which visitor was interested in which vehicle – at anytime, even outside business hours
  • Create personalized offers
  • Quantified and qualified analysis
  • Usage of social media information from the customer analysis
  • Vehicle receipt is done directly with the customer at the vehicle. This enables the interactive integration of the customer into the service process.
  • Mobile service receipt including direct pricing information on vehicle-based services and packages
  • Documentation of damages
  • Booking of appointments online and mobile – from the test drive to the service appointment
  • Data transfer directly from the mobile device of the dealer to the Dealer Management System (DMS)
  • Transparency of the vehicle location during the whole service process and on the dealer ground
  • View the actual process step of each vehicle in the service and receive the ensure a timely collection of the vehicle