Binary codes are raining down from a digital cloud with a lock inside.

Control cloud services with Cloud Protection

Companies need to have visibility over their own cloud usage in order to then control it. Cloud Protecion can help

Fully exploit cloud advantages in the SaaS environment

The GDPR and Popi obliges each and every company to protect sensitive data – and in the event of a data leak, companies must provide proof of the protective measures taken. Cloud Protection  helps to gain transparency over cloud services in use, to regulate cloud usage accordingly, and thus increase cloud security. The solution curbs shadow IT and creates the basis for controlled use of cloud advantages, especially in the SaaS environment.

Fight shadow IT – increase cloud security

The disorganized use of cloud services by employees who want to share data with each other, as anexample, is one of the biggest challenges for companies that want to implement their cloud strategy in a legally compliant and secure manner. Cloud Protection provides visibility on cloud usage across the company and identifies security and compliance risks Data sharing is monitored and conspicuous user behavior is detected. By classifying sensitive data, monitoring vulnerable data, and encrypting sensitive content, Cloud Protection prevents data loss in the cloud. Malware detection is also integrated.

Cloud Protection at a glance

  • Control the use of risky cloud services by selecting secure cloud apps
  • Sanction the use and control of data stored and shared in cloud services, such as Office 365, Salesforce, etc.
  • Optimize cloud usage costs by avoiding uncontrolled cloud service subscriptions
  • Selection of optimal cloud services to meet conflicting cost and security requirements 

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