Cloud ICT Sourcing Survey

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T-Systems South Africa, in partnership with ITWEB, conducted a Sourcing ICT in a Cloud World survey. (June - July 2016)
At its core UnOutsourcer represents a new philosophy which challenges the industry by transfering risk from the customer through a change in the way solutions are delivered.

Key results of the Sourcing ICT in a Cloud World survey

The Survey was to explore the following:
  1. Key challenges that businesses face with the current IT contracting models
  2. Most common causes of dissatisfaction with the outsource service providors
  3. Their views on longterm outsource contracts vs as-a-service model


1. Ogganisations will start negotiating more regulary with their service providers on pricing, quality and ternination.
2. Aspects of an outsourcing agreement that organisations find difficult to negotiate alongside price and service include:
  • Liability and risk
  • Data ownership
  • Security and privacy
  • Process for dispute resolution
  • Process for changes to the agreement
  • Process for contract termination
3. As organisations transform difitally, suppliers need to adapt accordingly by becoming more flexible in their offering structure.
4. Alternative procurement and service models such as Consumption-based and As-A-Service cloud offerings are being conmsidered by organisations, despite uncertainty around the adoption of these options.
5. Organisations that are considering the move to the cloud will go with thre same functions they currently outsource: ICT infrastructure (45%), followed by network and communication services and security.