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Co-Creation Advisory Board for Sustainability

Be a part of the sustainable future and innovation in the making

2023: A decade for sustainable growth

Sustainability and climate change are still top-of-mind topics for people around the world and are now important concerns for corporations, governments, and consumers. The focus on CO2 neutral operations is expected to expand in 2023, investments in renewable energy options is rising, and the circular economy concept is gaining traction among all major players in business and technology. It’s time for businesses to dive headfirst into the world of sustainable development, as our choices will define our future.

The time for co-creation is here; are you ready?

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Sustainable innovation is a necessity for all enterprises to tackle today’s climate and nature crisis. However, innovations require curiosity, creativity, and many smart minds to come together to lead and inspire. This is how the idea of co-creation and the event series “Co-Creation Advisory Board for Sustainability” was born. The sustainability journey started with the “Inspiration Day”, where the top sustainability challenges were identified, on the “Ideation day” the ideas turned into testable, working prototypes and finally, the “Innovation Day” where you get to experience the solutions proposed by the advisory board.

Innovation Day – Watch the highlights

The event witnessed esteemed speakers engaging in thought-provoking discussions. With an inspiring keynote address from Mr. Massamba Thioye, Manager of the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat, and CEO of #TSystems, Adel Al-Saleh and the panel discussions on “Sustainability in companies – the order of the day?” and “Sustainability Better Together?” ignited passionate conversations and unveiled powerful insights. Sessions from Klaus Wiegandt, CEO of Forum Responsibility, on “3 degrees more” highlighted the importance of collective action in driving sustainability initiatives.

Inspiration Day – Watch the highlights

Inspiration Day, the kickoff event of Co-Creation Advisory Board for Sustainability event series was filled with safari challenge sessions, expert panel discussion and keynote session by prominent speakers. Get the insights by Adel Al-Saleh, CEO T-Systems, Knuth Molzen, Global Head Digital Solution Sales T-Systems, as well as Karen Doyle, Director of Network and Edge Sustainability Intel, Thomas Blood CS Sustainability Leader EMEA AWS, and Melanie Kubin-Hardewig VP Group Corporate Responsibility DTAG. Last but not least: Yvonne Zwick, Chair B.A.U.M. e.V., Stephan de Haas, Project Lead Advisory Board T-Systems, Jens Mühlner, Sustainability Tribe Lead T-Systems,  and Manfred Rothemund Sustainability, Lead for Cloud Services T-Systems. Watch now!

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