Person holding tablet with digital shopping cart
February 14 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

AI in Retail: A Win-Win for All?

With the right partner at its side, the industry can get started with AI projects quickly and easily.

Engineers design future cars in car factory
February 14 2024 | Data Intelligence

Catena-X anchors trust on T-Systems

T-Systems’ dedication to data spaces culminated into becoming the first provider for a critical Gaia-X effort.

Graphic of a planet half grey city, half green lush forest
February 07 2024 | Sustainability Services

How sustainability and sovereignty work together

With the public cloud and digital sovereignty, companies save a lot of energy and become climate-neutral more quickly.

Software developers coding and testing applications using cyber-security
January 29 2024 | Security

Attack surface management for businesses

Discover your attack surface and vulnerabilities. Minimize the attack surface with our security experts.

Fish eye perspective on grass and industrial area
January 22 2024 | Cloud Services

Industry Cloud: the green superhero?

What happens when enterprises rely on industry cloud platforms? Does this automatically make them “greener”?

January 19 2024 | Security

Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo™: Cyber Security Trends 2024

There was a lot of talk about cyber security in Barcelona. You can find out what developments we can expect here.

Fabrikarbeiter, der 3D-Technologie nutzt
January 16 2024 | Intelligent Automation

Industrial metaverse: A universe of opportunities

The industrial metaverse can provide customers with an entirely new, immersive user experience.

A friendly robot enters through an open office door
January 15 2024 | Artificial Intelligence

Are you ready for AI?

If you want your workers to achieve sustainable results with generative AI, you need to train them and cleanse your data to get it AI-ready.

People moving blurred in office building with many plants
January 11 2024 | Sustainability Services

How can Government IT become more Sustainable?

With the Sovereign Cloud, public administration can also say goodbye to inefficient data centers.

Employee with VR glasses in an abstract office building
January 10 2024 | Security

Better protection for the digital workplace and IoT devices

Cybersecurity in decentralized environments: know exactly what is happening in the IT systems and the network with SIEM.

Female professional using AI
December 13 2023 | Cloud Services

Increasing pressure for companies to act on AI

Enterprises should explore foundation models to create GenAIs for more productivity.

IM-Automated-processing-of-SAP-changes (1)
December 08 2023 | Application Services

Automation: Checking 350 Parameters Every 5 Minutes

IT automation simplifies the management of SAP landscapes, reduces downtime, and operating costs.

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