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A look behind the scenes with an internship or flexiship

Your opportunities at T-Systems

Whether you're in the middle of studying, a graduate aiming for a follow-on master program or are consciously deciding to take some time out from studying to fully concentrate on an internship – we will find the right placement for you. What is important for us? Your personality. We are impressed by what makes you stand out, people who have interesting experiences to share, and those who broaden other people's perspectives. After all, the diversity of our employees is one of the reasons for our success. Forget all the clichés that spring to mind when you think about internships. We will give you responsibility – to take on challenging projects which allow you to grow, both personally as well as in terms of expertise. You can make your first important contacts and start to build up a personal career network. In addition to an attractive salary, we also offer plenty of fun in our agile teams.

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Internship or flexiship?

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You can take up a voluntary internship of four weeks up to a maximum of six months at any time during your studies. During your internship, you will have the statutory holidays to use as you wish. If you are looking for a voluntary internship which also fits in around the lectures in your study plan, we recommend our “flexiship” – the flexible internship.

The flexiship promises complete flexibility and freedom to choose your hours for a maximum of 18 months. What this means for you: you agree an hourly allocation with your T-Systems team for the duration of the internship which works well for both sides. We take stressful exam periods and compulsory lectures into account and you will still have the opportunity to take part in long-term projects.


Your remuneration will vary depending on whether you have completed a bachelor's or master's, and whether you are completing a compulsory internship or voluntary one. The remuneration during a flexiship will be pro rata. You can find a detailed overview here:

Our interships
(gross remuneration per month)
to maximum of 3 month

(min. 4 Weeks)
voluntary and mandatory internships

800 € 
preiod of transition
between Bachelor
and Master)

1.000 € 

lasting longer than 3 month

voluntary and mandatory internships

34h-week: 1.835 € 
(as of 01.01.2024)

36h-week: 1.943 € 
(as of 01.01.2024)

38h-week: 2.051 € 
(as of 01.01.2024)

40h-week: 2.159 € 
(as of 01.01.2024)

Info: the remuneration
for internships lasting
longer than 3 months
is based on the
respective minimum

4 to 18 month
(depends on your allocation of hours)
voluntary internships

683 € bis 1.613 €
(as of 01.01.2024)

depends on your
allocation of hours
(min. 55 hours/
month until max.
130 hours/month)

Responsibility from the start

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In our company, you will only make your own coffee. Surely you're already familiar with using the printer and photocopier. This is why we would prefer to assign you to our project work, including your own projects. This lets you show us what you're made of. Perhaps it will also turn into a subject for your dissertation. 

Feedback and networks

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During your internship, you will have a personal tutor and you will get regular feedback.

The internship is an amazing opportunity to gain career experience but also to make professional contacts. A personal career network is helpful – during your time in the company but also beyond the duration of the internship. For that, join the InTerns@Magenta community to make the start at our company a little easier, get support from other interns, and find the right people for you.

Your contact

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