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Power artificial intelligence and machine learning on AWS

AI/ML – an undiscovered land for you? Not any longer. We empower you to utilize AWS’s capabilities for AI and ML

Use the power of AWS for Generative AI and ML

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are turning into game changers for nearly each industry. But it can be a long way to have access to sophisticated digital assistance that helps you innovate and simplify processes with great results. AWS provides top-notch resources to simplify AI applications development including ready-to-go foundation models (FMs) for Generative AI.

Unlimited possibilities: innovate and reinvent your business

AI tools like ChatGPT revolutionized AI usage – and very clearly showed the value-add of AI for research, summarizing, programming, chatting, support, predicting, analytics, and many other use cases. Against the background of the skill gap, AI will play a crucial role in unburdening and enabling of personnel to perform better. But AI know-how is a scarce resource and many enterprises do not know how to explore and exploit generative AI models for their business.

Report: GenAI with T-Systems and AWS

Unleash the power of GenAI for your business with detailed guidance, including a checklist, from this ISG report.

Meet Dave - our GenAI powered robot seller

In the context of a use case for sales and marketing at a manufacturing company, we highlight the typical challenges of GenAI projects. Watch the video and see how T-Systems and AWS can help.

Holistic suite for AI powered by AWS


AWS technology offers a holistic stack of AI solutions and services for experienced developers, citizen developers and AI users. Besides infrastructure resources for cost-efficient training and inference, enterprises have access to platforms, frameworks and pretrained models. With Amazon Bedrock even a broad palette of foundation models for Generative AI is available: Amazon’s own Titan, the multi-lingual large language model Jurassic-2, Claude for conversation and workflow automation and stable diffusion for image generation.

White paper: Jump on the GenAI bandwagon

Don’t miss the opportunity as GenAI gets mainstream.

T-Systems guides you along the way

For enterprises that want to explore the AI universe, T-Systems offers a unique opportunity: Explore Generative AI and gather your own expertise within a secure GenAI playground. Our proof of concept contains AI consultancy, access to pre-trained foundation models, and a secure environment that allows you to work on your use cases with your internal data – your data stays your data.

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Explore Generative AI and ML on AWS

Gather your own experience with large language models. Deploy foundation models and more within a secure proof of concept environment with your data. Our team is happy to consult. Get in touch!

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