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The future of aerospace: smart, networked, sustainable

Sustainable production, optimized supply chains: how the aerospace and defense industries are positioning themselves more efficiently

Digital processes and business models change the aerospace industry

The digital transformation is well underway for providers within the civil and military aerospace and defense sectors: Many of them digitalize core processes in development and production, in order to bring new, sustainable technologies onto the market quickly, or tap into new business areas such as urban mobility. At the same time, they must establish stable, high-performing supply chains in order to avoid bottlenecks and enable increased rates of production.

The cloud as a door opener for growth and sustainability

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New drive technologies based on hydrogen, electrification, and sustainable aviation fuel improve the carbon footprint and enable climate-neutral flight. To ensure such approaches can be brought to the market quickly, flexible and high-performing development processes as well as efficient collaboration are needed within the supply chain. Resources based on sovereign, highly available, and CO2-optimized cloud environments, such as for simulation and digitalized verification, help to ensure cooperation is efficient and secure, while facilitating growth.

A strong partner for automation, greater efficiency, and security

T-Systems helps companies from the aerospace and defense industries to master current challenges. Solutions for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) ensure efficient processes within the supply chain. With the Sovereign Cloud powered by Google, sensitive data can be securely processed – fully compliant with regulations – in German data centers. For organizations operating in the sphere of public security and defense with particularly high-security requirements, T-Systems Information Services is developing innovative solutions, with which core tasks can be digitalized and complex processes automated.

Our service for the Copernicus Data Space Ecosystem

Smart production for maximum quality and sustainability

Aerospace production systems are required to meet the highest standards of quality and industrial efficiency. At the same time, the achievement of necessary sustainability goals does not stop at the production stage. With modern, digital solutions – such as AR and VR methods – T-Systems helps to increase the level of automation in production and configure processes more efficiently, in addition to reducing the consumption of precious energy and resources in the name of sustainability.

Intelligent data platform brings planes safely into the air

Fuselage, wings, jet engines: Many of the millions of components that make up an aircraft are manufactured by external suppliers. This makes for a complex supply chain: suppliers of raw materials, equipment and component producers, and the aircraft manufacturers as integrators. All of them have to adhere to quality standards and documentation obligations in order to guarantee safe flights. Our video shows how this goal can be achieved with the help of an intelligent data platform – the T-Systems Sovereign Cloud powered by Google Cloud.  

White paper: Aerospace and defense

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A successful path to the cloud

Our experts can answer any questions you may have about your digital transformation: Which cloud is the best fit for your business model? What aspects do you need to pay special attention to in your industry? How can data protection and security be guaranteed?

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