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Leader in Microsoft cloud ecosystem in Germany

T-Systems confirms its exceptional position for Microsoft cloud services in Germany

Leader for Generative AI

In ISG Provider Lens™ Microsoft Cloud Ecosystem, T-Systems demonstrated remarkable performance across all three established categories: Managed Services for Azure & Microsoft 365 Services for large enterprises, and SAP on Azure. This success can be attributed to our compelling portfolio offerings and exceptional competitive capabilities. Furthermore, we secured a leadership position in the newly introduced quadrant – “GenAI Services for Microsoft Clouds”.

T-Systems holds four leadership positions in Microsoft cloud ecosystem

Badge Microsoft Cloud Ecosystems

In addition to the high portfolio attractiveness and the outstanding competitive strength, ISG analyst Axel Oppermann highlights key drivers for T-Systems’ Microsoft cloud services: a strong focus on sustainability and security/compliance enriched with a high level of flexibility within the services and holistic integration and innovation. With four leader positions, T-Systems underlines its performance and market leadership in a wide range of Microsoft services including in GenAI.

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Further information about our Microsoft Cloud services

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