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Digitalization in manufacturing and PLM

Unlocking competitive advantage through innovation and sustainable product lifecycle management

Empowering manufacturers through innovation with PLM

In today’s highly competitive business environment, manufacturers need to make swift investments in technology to drive meaningful improvements and innovations quickly. Product lifecycle management (PLM) offers a structured and systematic approach to managing the entire product development lifecycle, from concept to end-of-life.

Breaking boundaries: collaborative, data-driven manufacturing transformation

The traditional siloed approach in product development and manufacturing is giving way to more collaborative methods. Cross-functional teams, including designers, engineers, suppliers, and even customers, can work together in real-time results in faster decision-making and reduced time-to-market. The extensive data generated throughout the product lifecycle also offers valuable insights. Coupled with AI and IoT, manufacturers can use this data to optimize processes, enhance product quality, guide product improvements, and enable a more sustainable approach.

White paper: PLM with future

Find out how an integrated product lifecycle management architecture will pave the way for future engineering.


Elevate your business

Are you ready to take your product development and manufacturing processes to the next level? We deliver cutting-edge digital solutions that will revolutionize your operations.

Cloud PLM

Customization of a PLM system is often complex. Many companies avoid upgrading their PLM version because of the effort, risk, and time it needs. With Cloud PLM, you can use all PLM resources required flexibly as a service and pay as per requirements instead of having to maintain large IT capacities and software licenses. Furthermore, it opens up opportunities to extend the application of PLM into areas such as project management, quality management, change management and requirements management.

End-to-end Digital Twin

With the integration of a digital twin, eliminate silos and create a digital thread. This enables a seamless tracking of the entire product lifecycle and forms a uniform information basis for optimizing development, production, and maintenance. With enhanced collaboration and data exchange, manufacturers can now make smarter decisions to enable better product development, manufacturing, and service operations.

PLM integration components

T-Systems’ PLM integration hub streamlines engineering and manufacturing data and processes by seamlessly integrating diverse systems like CAx, PDM, and ERP. Our solutions facilitate data exchange and collaboration, enabling manufacturing organizations to effectively manage complexity and change. With centralized views, efficient search, navigation, traceability, and change impact analysis, teams can address challenges with precision and agility.

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