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Digital sovereignty in public administration

Digitalization is the order of the day, but digital solutions must also fulfill sovereignty aspects

Shaping digitalization with sovereignty

Digital technologies pave the way to the future for businesses in the economy and for public administration. Federal administration, federal units and municipalities try to avoid IT dependencies to a large extent when using IT, which is why Europe is increasingly relying on the use of sovereign technologies, in terms of both software and infrastructures such as the cloud.

More efficient administration through digitalization

Digitalization undeniably has the potential to solve many of the pressing challenges in public administration. Digital processes facilitate work in administration, relieve the burden on employees, and simplify interactions with public authorities for citizens and companies. And the possibilities are increasing every day: Artificial intelligence can take over many manual tasks and perform them much faster and more reliably than humans. Automated digital processes from the cloud accelerate workflows.


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Open Source Collaboration

Open source in public administration: the key to digital sovereignty.
Security and flexibility for the public sector

Sovereign services for SAP® applications from Telekom

Security and flexibility for the public sector.

Digital sovereignty

Do you want to digitize while retaining maximum sovereignty? Talk to us.

Strengthening public administration through sovereignty

But it’s not just about innovation and flexibility. Digital solutions also need data sovereignty as well as the highest possible transparency and future viability – even if modern cloud solutions and cloud services are used. Digital sovereignty has different faces, however, and sovereignty can arise in a variety of ways: The choice of sovereign clouds offers powerful platforms for development and operation, but the use of open standards, interoperability or encryption technologies also makes contributions to digital sovereignty.

T-Systems – partner for digital sovereignty

Last but not least, reliable national partners are a core element of digital sovereignty for the public sector. Partners like T-Systems, which offers its own digital solutions and platforms made in Germany, but also taps into opportunities from market-leading innovative ecosystems from the United States. With our partners, we are opening up hyperscale clouds in a sovereign mode for Europe – and with them the digitalization of administration.

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