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Public services: On the path to digital administration

Digital transformation  offers the public sector opportunities to modernize public services and reduce government bureaucracy

Digital government for modern public administration

Germany’s public authorities must actively address digitalization initiatives. There are many arguments in favor of greater digitalization: Digital technologies make life easier for citizens and public authorities, and digital services accelerate administrative procedures for the private sector.  Government agencies down to the municipal level are setting the course for the future. Germany must implement digital services now to position itself for the future.


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Public Innovation Lab

Digital administrative processes at your fingertips.
Berlin Reichstag government building

Implementation of the German Online Access Act

We support public administration clients strategically and, as a project partner, in implementing the Online Access Act (OZG).
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Register modernization

Designing administrative services without disruption to the flow of information.

Your partner for digital transformation solutions

Do you want to develop digital technologies for modernizing administration? Talk to us.

Strong partner of the administration for the implementation of digital projects

As a service provider, we have been supporting the administration with digital services for decades and have successfully implemented numerous technology projects. We have the specific expertise to understand the modernization needs of the public sector and to develop or evaluate suitable solutions. For the digitalization of administration, we draw on a broad portfolio of options, including new technologies such as artificial intelligence as well as IT infrastructures and cloud solutions, which we can provide with confidence.

Opportunities offered by the digitalization of administration

With digital innovation and communication, the German administration can position itself as a pioneer for greater proximity to citizens and as a supporter of businesses. Digital solutions would speed up processes and increase efficiency in administration. Digital processes relieve government employees of time-consuming standard tasks, opening up entirely new opportunities for interaction. Of course, digitalization in administration must satisfy European and German framework conditions. T-Systems combines the opportunities of digitalization with the demands of sovereignty and security of the administration for future-oriented solutions.

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