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Transport Control Systems: Transforming mobility

Streamlined urban transport solutions for great efficiency, quality, and flexibility

Elevating public transport through seamless connectivity and efficiency

T-Systems leads urban mobility transformation with innovative Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) solutions. We integrate Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) infrastructure, passenger information displays, and on-board computing for efficient, passenger-centric city transportation. Join us to revolutionise urban mobility with connectivity and real-time experiences.

Automation and digitalization in transport control systems

ITCS has been in use for several decades, evolving with increased functionality and widespread implementation. However, the extent and maturity of technology deployment vary significantly across countries, metropolitan areas, rural regions, and individual transport companies. Smaller operators often rely on manual coordination, while larger transport companies build systems featuring comprehensive real-time transport tracking, continuous target-versus-actual analysis, and automated connection coordination. Automation and digitalization are revolutionizing transport control systems by harnessing real-time data analytics, predictive maintenance, and enhanced passenger services. These advancements are driving efficiency, safety, and sustainability in transportation, offering passengers seamless experiences and promoting eco-friendly solutions. From optimizing routes to ensuring the safety of autonomous vehicles, automation, and digitalization are reshaping the future of transportation.

Transforming urban mobility with ITCS

The Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) functions as a connected, central intelligence in the cloud. Several public transport companies can use this system at once. First of all, the connected solution records all movements of buses and trains in real-time. Then the alignment takes place: timetable information, current traffic conditions, and status notifications of modes of transport.  Based on this alignment, a forecast calculation is made for when the vehicles will depart. Passengers receive this and all other important information dynamically via an app or on display boards along the route. Next step? Combining with e-ticketing which makes journeys even easier and more convenient for passengers.

White paper: Efficient local transport operations with ITCS

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Automatic operational management

The demands of public transport rail traffic scenarios are undeniably challenging, requiring quick and predictive decision-making. Automatic operational management by T-Systems, steps in to resolve complexities, automate routine tasks, alleviate dispatcher workloads, and ensure smooth operations of the rail networks. In the face of complex rail traffic scenarios, dynamic train sequences, and deviations in timetables that increase complexity, automatic operational management rises to the challenge. It achieves this through complete real-time recording of the traffic situation using track sensors and interlocking data, automatically determining routes based on timetable data, and sending necessary route commands to the signal box. Automatic operational management also offers manual intervention capabilities via its interface, enabling the management of resulting changes and sending positioning commands automatically. The benefits for customers are evident: fast and efficient control, reduced dispatcher workloads through automation, resilience against deviations from the plan and extraordinary operating situations, and the provision of real-time data to other systems through standard interfaces.

Revolutionizing electric bus management

To meet the evolving needs of municipal enterprises of effectively managing electric buses, specifically in tracking their charging status and gaining real-time insights into the condition and availability of charging stations, T-Systems developed a comprehensive solution that encompassed various project components. These included requirement analysis, integration of external interfaces, data persistence, ITCS integration, and diligent project management. A well-defined procedure model was followed, involving the establishment of essential KPIs, the connection of data sources, ensuring data persistence, ITCS integration, and rigorous testing and acceptance procedures. Consequently, the control center dispatcher now experiences an uninterrupted overview of electric bus charging statuses and the occupancy rates of charging stations thus empowering efficient and informed decision-making in electric public transport.

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T-Systems: Pioneering modern transport control solutions

In 2009, T-Systems embarked on a transformative journey establishing a cutting-edge computer-controlled operations control system. This comprehensive solution featured a TETRA digital radio system and seamlessly integrated the vehicle fleet, laying the foundation for continuous expansion and digitization. Notably, passenger communication was elevated with dynamic stop displays, monitors, and real-time information accessible via web and mobile apps. T-Systems meticulously selected hardware and software components equipped stops with dynamic passenger information and ensured real-time data availability. The project also encompassed the setup, optimization, and integration of a digital TETRA trunked radio system, ensuring operational reliability and connection protection. The result is a stable, modern, and scalable solution, offered comprehensively by T-Systems, simplifying transfers, and bolstering transport control for public transport companies. 

Transforming urban mobility with ITCS

T-Systems offers a comprehensive solution to address the complex challenges of modernizing and optimizing urban transportation networks. Leveraging our expertise in digital technologies and IT infrastructure, we provide integrated Intermodal Transport Control Systems (ITCS) that encompass every aspect of public transport management. T-Systems' ITCS solutions are designed to centralize operations, improve efficiency, and deliver real-time passenger information through web and mobile applications. We optimize internal processes, enabling better planning, monitoring, and coordination of bus and train services. Our system ensures swift responses to disruptions, ultimately leading to a more responsive and adaptable urban transportation network. With T-Systems as your partner, you can transform your public transport system into a modern, efficient, and passenger-friendly service that meets the demands of today's metropolitan areas.

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